Re : Mind, Japanese live action, Netflix Original


I just watched this Japanese ” series ” of 12 episodes on Netflix.  The title is Re: Mind, a story created by Tokyo TV and advertised as a Netflix Original.


The story is about 12 high school friends and classmates,  all girls, eleven of whom find themselves imprisoned in a medieval -looking dining room,  their feet  shackled to the floor to prevent escape. .   They’re seated at the table with 12 chairs, though one chair  is free.  They are missing one classmate , whose name is Miho, and who seems to be the central character in the story.

Re- Mind-TP.jpg


In First episode, we see 11 girls seated in  chairs around a dining table, asleep, with a red , silk hood covering their heads.  One by one, starting with Mirei, they wake up,  find themselves  in this horrifying  situation…….. henceforth, terror begins.

Mao Iguchi, Sarina Ushio, Yuuka Kageyama, Shiho Kato, Kyoko Saito, Kumi Sasaki, Mana Tasake, Ayaka Takamoto, and Mei Higashimura in Re: Mind (2017)


Each one tries to figure out who has done this to them , how and why. They have all been close friends and classmates, after all.  After some discussions,  they begin to suspect Miho is behind all this, because she  is the head of their elite ( clique ) group , the only child of a powerful politician father,   a  doctor as well , who  owns the largest general hospital in their city , and also  a shipping company, and therefore the only one who has the means to accomplish  all that’s happening to them.  The irony is, at some point, they all manage to turn their backs on her, and not only that,  to bully her when her father loses political power.  This is the reason why they all suspect this is revenge on them.


Meanwhile, Mirei sees a book titled ” I guess everything reminds you of something. ”  They figure out it might be a clue as to what they can do to escape.  Confess . The first to remember that the seating arrangement at the dining table is exactly the same  as the one in the photo taken with Miho in the picture, is Mao… and she disappears. Then they remember it’s actually Mao who started  bullying Miho. Miho, by the way, is not present here, because she has disappeared before this event.


There are so many twists and turns in the story, with each character having  a story , secret or a lie to confess , and each one being  inter-related to Miho’s ” accident ” (  that made her unable  to walk ) and disappearance 3 months prior to this final event.


Needless to say, I cannot give the ending of the story. This is a new addition to Netflix’s Originals list. All I can give are my thoughts…. do I like it ? Do I recommend it ?


Yes, I like it and I recommend that you watch it.  I do have a few things that I think  the story fails to clarify.

a)  The timeline .    When exactly did the ball first start rolling ? What triggered it ?  Was it the ” accidental ” death of Miho’s best friend  at her father’s hospital ? Was it her father’s  fall from political power ?  Or was it her fiancé’s cheating ?


b)   It’s anime sense.  The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, AT ALL.  In fact, we find it is merely perceived bullying,  not a real, physical or verbal  bullying.  For example…. one of the group  opened a window when Miho entered the classroom.  After that, the rest of the class started calling her Stinky Girl.  The classmate/friend didn’t  intentionally open  the window to make the class think Miho was smelly. ( although one of them did black out Miho’s books….. that was mean and cruel….. but not enough to kill her.  Two of them, Mirei and Kumi didn’t even bully her, although they didn’t do anything to stop it.


c)  How did the culprit make each girl vanish from the scene during a 15 second blackout, with the shackles  in place, and still  tightly locked?


The scene is too elaborately staged for a simple revenge act.  The plotline is implausible and I cannot be convinced that a high school girl (  even with the help of maybe one aggrieved person ) can successfully pull this off.   Take note….. this is a plot to commit murder of 11 human beings. Who can she get to plot a massacre , and get away with it ?


You need to watch this to understand  what I’m talking about.


Although I liked it, and the story captivated my attention for 12 episodes of 30 minutes per episode , all in one day ( from evening til the wee hours of the morning ) I don’t think I can give it a high rating.  …. a generous 6/10 is enough.







15 thoughts on “Re : Mind, Japanese live action, Netflix Original

  1. I saw this when it came on . . . and passed. Not the kind of thing I might enjoy. I’ve actually not watched any TV or Netflix for almost three weeks.

    I’m hoping they will have something good in March, but I doubt it.

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    1. Give it a go, disperser. There is a somewhat Japanese culture atmosphere in the story so it’s kind of different.

      Then, let’s discuss it here. I want to know your take on it.


    2. I’m sorry; I might have taken you up on the challenge were it not for the description and other reviews I read. Stuff like:

      “Re:Mind stands as solidly disturbing and thrilling mystery that’s perfect for a weekend binge.”

      “However, in our current political and social landscape, it’s hard for Re:Mind to not leave a questionable taste in some people’s mouths.”

      I’m really, really, really not much into “solidly disturbing and thrilling” mysteries. Actually, I’m not prone to watch anything described as disturbing be it a mystery or thriller or sci-fi or western or . . . you get the picture.

      People might not know this about me, but my empathy level is very high . . . this could mess me up for weeks. Look what happened when Trump got elected; I couldn’t write for nearly five months.

      Also, I like chocolate taste and not so much “questionable taste” in my mouth.


      1. Oh, no.

        It’s disturbing because the terror they experienced wasn’t justified . No blood was shown, though. Aaargh, you have to watch it , disperser. There are so much in the story that confuse me. The timeline, most especially. I actually rewatched a few episodes to clear up some confusions. I still didn’t get it. I ‘m hoping you can clear it up for me.


      2. Aaargh^2! I’m going to feel like a jerk, but . . . say, aren’t most anime guys basically jerks? Think of me as anime guy! Except, not as handsome, and quite a bit older, and I don’t have one of my eyes covered by unruly hair (that would drive me nuts, plus, you know, I wouldn’t be able to see as well).

        Honest, I have no desire to watch it. I currently have 22 items in my queue and I can’t bring myself to watch any of them.

        The best I can do is add it to the queue and someday — when I’m already feeling depressed and despondent — I might give it a go and — hopefully — it won’t push me into suicidal.

        There’s another anime that came online; something about a school for gamblers or some such inane storyline. It’s another one I glanced at and did my “Nope! Not a chance!” dance.

        It’s a cute dance, but simple because I’m a white dude who doesn’t dance . . . it’s more like a swaying shuffle, but I call it a dance. Regardless, the point is both those shows got The Dance.

        What I can do is rescind one of the “Nope! Not a chance!” dances and swap in the “Meh! Someday. Maybe. We’ll see.” dance.

        I’ll have to come up with a “Meh! Someday. Maybe. We’ll see.” dance, but I’ve been meaning to do that anyway. Maybe something where I bend my knees as I sway my head side to side and snap my fingers. Yeah, that could work.

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  2. I was going to pass on it, but after reading your review, I am going to watch it. I am interested to see how everything you described plays out.

    I already, without having watched it, agree with you, that it seems highly unlikely that a high school girl, aided by the help of one other person, could pull off everything you described.

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  3. Late last night I saw this while I was browsing through the Netflix line up. Don’t really now yet if I am going to watch it, but…it doesn’t sound half bad. Still 6/10 doesn’t make me want to move this very high up on my too watch list. I do like the premise you are describing I will probably check it out at some point. Great post!

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    1. Oh, my. My rating is troublesome. Ha ha ha Ignore the rating, raistlin. This is just like me disliking Sword Art Online because of one thing, and that is, I hate that the male lead is a douchebag, and a potential cheater. I question his integrity and character. Because of this, I find myself less sympathetic to his cause. Other than that, I can see SAO as a fun anime to watch.

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      1. lol…okay I will ignore the rating, but I think it will probably be a while before I get to it, as today I have discovered a totally new addiction: The anime My Hero Accademia…seriously should not have started on that one: can’t….make…myself…stop…watching that 🙈🙈🙈
        As for Sword Art Online…oh well. I am a pretty big fan of that show, despite it’s flaws lol 😂 Thanks for letting me know about the rating though: Have added Re: Mind to my to watch list 😊

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  4. I don’t no if you do but you should no me by now that I go off subject from time to time… lol

    But I’m loving this “One Piece” joint!
    the main character “Luffy” is so damn funny and goofy.

    all and all I think it has a great story line to it and 1 billion episodes that I’m not even close to the end…

    well sorry but just thought I’d put that out there…


    1. If you’re a bit interested to see it, you better watch it soon. Netflix does drop movies from its list. Now you see it, now you don’t. But I think Re: Mind is still there. Netflix doesn’t drop its originals.

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