Signs you’re not an anime/manga /video games fan anymore



I just read this on Sora News…. 10 signs you’re no longer an otaku.


a)   Level 1— You stop going to otaku -oriented events .

I’ve been to 2 events, one in my city and one in LA, but always with my brother, never on my own,  and that was a long time ago.  I’m not interested anymore.


b)   Level 2— Your video game backlog starts to pile up.


I just bought Unchartered 4 and the latest Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.  There are more 4 in my PS4 that I haven’t played. I haven’t lost interest, but I just can’t find the time to play… It’s not the same as when I was a student … there were spring breaks, Christmas breaks, one -month semestral break, etc.


c)   Level 3—Your light novel backlog starts to pile up.


I don’t read light novels.


d)   Level 4—Your manga backlog starts to pile up.

Nope. I still read.  In fact, I get impatient waiting for English translations to be uploaded, so I do some translating on my own… My favorite is a Spanish site that translates mangas from Japanese to Spanish.  Mangakakalot, my favorite manga aggregator  , has a backlog , but not me.


e)   Level 5—You stop keeping up with new anime series.


In a way, that’s true, except the ones that are on Netflix.


f)   Level 6—You stop keeping up with anime series you were already watching.


I have to admit this is somewhat true.  I haven’t watched a single episode of Attack on Titan yet, for example.  I’ve lost a bit of my interest on anime series that are clearly unfinished , like Hunter x Hunter… and there are tons  that have been discontinued,  and which  I find really unfair to fans of the series. I don’t want to invest my precious time and money  to animes that are left unresolved , and clearly   need a second season.  So, here I am, stuck with dvd copies of unfinished animes. Do you know how much one copy costs ?  It’s a good thing there’s Netflix , and Hulu so I don’t have to buy anymore, although both are slow to update . …. one year slow.


g)   Level 7—   You stop keeping up with seasonal events for browser/mobile games


I don’t play games on my mobile.


h)   Level 8—   You stop keeping up with otaku news in your social media timeline.


I seldom  read  any otaku news in social media,  though I do keep up with video games  news, like, what new games are coming out, who the developers are , what new features  are in the games, etc.


I)   Level 9—Whenever you talk about otaku stuff, you’re telling about the past.


Not really.  I watch all the current animes on Netflix,  read mangas , (  I check out Mangakakalot for any new uploads of the mangas I’m following, almost everyday. I also know that this is the middle of the month,  the time my favorite translator on Blogspot  comes out with the latest chapter of  Kurosaki -kun Iinari ni Nante Naranai,  and yes, it’s there, Chapter 56. On Mangakakalot, it’s still at Chapter 17 . ) , play video games  up to the wee hours of the morning, without breaks,  if that’s the only free time available to me.


j)   Level 10–You’re no longer an otaku.


I don’t know if I have already reached Level 10. I don’t think so. I have never done some of the levels, anyway, like playing games on my phone.  About my enthusiasm for animes…….. I guess you can say it has waned. I used to watch any anime indiscriminately , but now, I have to choose  and only watch animes  that I like and have time for.  I’ve become more discriminating.  If I see female characters with boobs as big as watermelons in the anime, or one that has so many panty shots, or a harem, with so many female characters getting into one male character’s pants, they’re out. I have no time to watch that kind of anime.  But I always have time to rewatch my favorite animes  dozens of times…… I cannot count anymore how many times I’ve rewatched Moribito, Blame, Engaged to the Unidentified, Violet Evergarden, BThe Beginning, and so many others worth rewatching.


This is just my own opinion and personal preference, of course.


Besides, I’m more a manga reader than anime fan.  Well, look at the photo of my manga collection above.


This is it for now. Thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “Signs you’re not an anime/manga /video games fan anymore

  1. Some of those things apply to me, but usually it’s burnout that goes away after a few months. Having different hobbies or trying out new genres can help combat that. A growing backlog is usually a sign of not enough free time rather than losing passion for games/anime.

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    1. I’ve been thinking… maybe I’m still a fan … I rewatch the same animes, over and over, so how come I have time for this ? By the way, I’ve seen the first season of Attack on Titan, of course….. but I haven’t seen the second season, not a single episode, yet. ( Coz I wrote here “I haven’t seen a single episode of Attack”… I should have added the second season…. in fact, I watched the first season maybe 3 times while waiting for the second season.. ugh )…. still waiting for Noragami, The Devil is a Part-Timer, etc. and I just rewatched Summertime Wars because a blogger wrote about this…. got me interested to watch it again. ( I have a copy ) .

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