Disliking these mangas


I hate the storyline of so many mangas , or at the very least, annoyed to the bones , and yet I still read them. I feel angry at myself because I can’t stop. Although I get butterflies in my stomach and get nervous for what will happen next, I just think that I have invested so much of my precious time that I feel I have to finish the manga , no matter if I pop an artery, climb the walls, or feel the urge to throw my computer out the window. Why do I do this to myself ?

So, what are these shoujo mangas that I totally dislike, and why do I dislike them ? You’d be surprised at the titles because they are very popular and well-loved by shoujo readers. One of which is Suki tte Iina Yo. Why do I dislike this manga ? Fortunately, I ‘ve written the reasons on one of my posts here. https://2megaworthitwordpresscomblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/suki-tte-ii-na-yo-a-rant/

So, what other titles are on my list of Dislikes ?

  1. Ao Haru Ride
  2. Inuyasha
  3. Kinkyori Renai
  4. Strobe Edge
  5. Itazuri na Kiss
  6. Cappuchino
  7. Bokuro ga Ita
  8. Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai
  9. Koibana ! Koi Seyo Hanabi
  10. Chitose, etc.
  11. Oiji to Hero
  12. Hana Yori Dango ( Boys over Flowers
  13. Tonari no Atashi
  14. Watashi ga Motente Dousunda
  15. Bokura no Koi wa Shi Ni Itaru Yamai no You de
  16. 1/3 Romantica
  17. Bibi
  18. Koishi Tagari no Blue
  19. Boku Ni Hana No Melancholy

These are the only titles that I remember.

Wait ! What ? Boys Over Flowers? Really ? And Itazuri na Kiss ??? Why ?

So, okay , I’m sure fans of Boys Over Flowers have only seen the movie adaptation. I have a copy of this movie, and I can understand why girls swoon over Lee Min Ho, the actor that played Joon Pyo , although I like Yoon Ji-hoo better, both in the movie and manga ______ my second lead syndrome , y’know ?

The male lead in Hana Yori Dango (BOF) is a bit better than the male lead in Itazura Na Kiss though both are total dooshies to the max, insensitive, verbally abusive, especially Nao of Itazura na Kiss. This male lead is an effing sadist.

Itazura na Kiss.jpg

Ah, Nao. What can I say ? I’ll give you an example__________Nao knows Kotoko is head over heels in love with him. Chapter 2 ,____ Nao starts bullying , insulting, and verbally abusing her. Now, Nao’s parents love Kotoko ( Her father and his father are best friends ) and hope Nao and Kotoko get together in the future. Later in the story, his father’s business starts to flounder. He gets seriously sick. Now there’s a businessman who is willing to help his father if Nao gets engaged and marries his daughter. His father refuses, but Nao readily okays the agreement. I don’t care if he marries another girl, that’s his right , but this asshole isn’t satisfied hurting Kotoko with his decision to marry that girl, he even flaunts his relationship to Kotoko. Then for the last time, his mother decides to celebrate Kotoko’s birthday , just a family celebration, as a farewell get together, because Kotoko’s s father has now decided to leave Nao’s family’s home ( I have to mention that early on, Kotoko and her father became homeless when their house was severely damaged due to poor construction _____ Nao’s parents invited them to stay with them temporarily .) Nao does come home to join the celebration, but brings his fiancee and his future father -in-law, uninvited.

At this point, Koto finally decides to move on with her life. ( I have to mention there’s a guy who’s head over heels in love with Koto, ( Kinnosuke ) who works at her father’s restaurant and is her classmate ,as well. She also decides to give Kinnosuke a chance to be close to her. Her friends and classmates now know that Nao is getting married soon, but also find out that Koto might get married to Kinnosuke even ahead of Nao. Nao is merely passing by when he hears her friends’ conversation about Koto getting married soon. Next scene ____ we see Nao waiting outside Koto’s father’s restaurant , and when he sees Koto , he suddenly hugs her and proposes marriage to her. ( This asshole is still technically engaged to that girl )

I don’t get it. I really don’t. What if he didn’t hear that news about Kotoko.? It was purely accidental, right ? He was so willing to kick Kotoko to the curb, and so ready to marry his fiancee as soon as possible for the sake of his father’s health and business. What ‘s that all about ? Dog in the manger ? I’ll marry another woman, have a family with her, but you, Kotoko, should remain single, and never stop loving me.

‘When his mother learns of this dramatic turn of events, she immediately prepares to hold a wedding for Nao and Koto . They get married 2 weeks after the proposal.

Is there a change in Nao’s horrible personality ? None, zilch, nada, zero.

I hope in the future, we get to hear Nao tell his child, ” Kid, this is the story of how your Mom had punched me to the point of low key unconsciousness.

Well, this is all for now. I will write more about mangas that I hate. I don’t even know how I can express my dislike of these mangas. Ao Haru Ride. Bokura ga Ita. D*mn.

3 thoughts on “Disliking these mangas

  1. I like Ao Haru Ride better than Strobe Edge. Strobe Edge is so boring. But I think her latest is better than both. Bokura ga Ita was one I never got the hype about either. I don’t recognize all of these, but is Inuyasha the only shounen on the list?

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    1. I like the characters of Strobe Edge better than AoHaru Ride ( same author ) . Ao Haru Ride was definitely not boring. How could a manga that gave me a massive coronary be boring ? LOL Bokura ga Ita’s male lead is the worst. At least, the mains of Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride are “pure” , if you know what I mean. But, Bokura ga Ita’s male lead is a manwhore.! ! It also has the best second male lead, but manwhore still gets the girl . How could you, author-sensei ? O_O

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    2. Kou of Ao Haru Ride played with Futaba’s feelings so much, and he chose Narumi for some illogical, stupid reasons, and he only tried getting together with Futaba when he saw Toumo and Futaba were alteady in a relationship. What was that again ? Dog in the manger ? I hated him for that . Touma deserved a better treatment from the author. The ending should have been like Tonari no Atashi, and though I didn’t like Tonari no Atashi, either, at least the main girl chose the second male lead at the end of the story.

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