Mary and the Witch’s Flower, on Netflix, 10/10


If it looks Ghibli, and feels  like Ghibli,  it is,  most likely , a Ghibli.


Well, it is not a Ghibli.  It is made by Studio Ponoc. But, but, it does  look  Ghibli-ish, doesn’t it ?  Yes, it does, but  it’s not surprising because Studio Ponoc , from the producer, director and illustrators are former Ghibli  people.


Mary and the Witch’s Flower  was created by a former Ghibli producer,  Yoshiaki Nishimura,  and directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. (  Yonebayashi  was an Oscar nominee for  his work  When Marnie Was There  as Best Animated Feature  in 2015 )Before this,  they produced and directed The Secret World of Arrietty and When Marnie Was There ,  both under Ghibli Animation.   Mary and the Witch’s Flower is this new company’s debut film,  which they made to carry on the legacy of Ghibli after its founder Hayao Miyazaki had announced his retirement ( for the nth time ).



Mary and the Witch’s Flower ( Meari to Majo Hana ) is based on a novel  , The  Little Broomstick , by an English children’s author, Mary Stewart.


The story’s about a young girl, Mary Smith , who moves  in at her Grand Aunt Charlotte’s estate , ahead of her parents.  She’s a normal kid who has a low self-esteem  due to her frizzy red hair which she hates, and who feels she cannot do anything right. She tries to help with house chores but messes it up, instead.  While playing in the woods , she comes across a flower called ” fly by night ” and   which she later finds out only  blooms  once every seven years.  A black cat  with a bud of the flower  in its mouth   leads her to a broomstick,  throws  the bud  at her, which in turn releases  a  magical power  that enables Mary to ride  it like a flying witch. The broom flies  her to a magic school, located  high up in the clouds ,…. and that is where Mary’s fantastic adventure  begins.



What can I say ?  I love it ! ! !  The animation is flawless,  it’s gorgeous,  and  a delight to watch.  I  prefer to watch animes in Japanese , but I make an exception here.  The atmosphere is very British,  so it feels  weird to watch  the characters speaking Japanese.  (  I watched it in Japanese for a few minutes )  The characters’ speaking voices have  well- enunciated  British accent ,and it’s fun to hear the name Peter  ( Mary’s friend ) pronounced  as Peetahhhh ! ! Very crispy.


I’m giving this a 10/10 rating.





18 thoughts on “Mary and the Witch’s Flower, on Netflix, 10/10

  1. Hmm . . . no swords, no guns, no exploding heads, and an annoying leprechaun . . . I might have to pass.

    Seriously, the trailer didn’t particularly engage me. Perhaps one has to be female to like this.

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    1. You forget . . . at my advanced age 80 minutes might feel like an eternity . . . in fact, it would be an eternity if I keel over while watching it.

      I’ll add it to the rotation but, FYI, I’ve not watched any Netflix going on a few weeks now, maybe longer. Or Amazon Video, for that matter.

      I did find a version of Alita online and plan to eventually watch it although I don’t know if it will ruin the coming movie for me. I’m still thinking about it.

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      1. There are 2 new releases on Netflix that I just watched last week…… How It Ends and Extinction.

        And there’s a 3rd season of Attack on Titan ( just first season on Netflix but Hulu has 2 seasons of it, and now, a 3rd season. Do you have Hulu ?

        Also, a Cloverfield movie ( not the Paradox one ) starring John Goodman ??? I like it.

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      2. Insulting Australians ? What’s that all about ??

        Oh, wait, there’s another Netflix movie that I like… Spectral… FYI , they’re all ScyFy or apocalyptic.

        I don’t know what time it is in Hawaii right now, but it’s 1:40 AM Ca time.


      3. We’re three hours behind California (four in the winter).

        Is Spectral about them blue things that appear and stuff? I think I tried watching it but it didn’t hold my interest.

        . . . perhaps I’m going through a stage . . .

        Hey! Isn’t the whole world a stage? So, I guess I am . . . I’ll be through it soon enough.

        Good night. Go to sleep; long day tomorrow.

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      4. I think so, yeah…. they’re alien enemies that humans can’t see, although they do finally figure out how to fight them.

        Like in watching animes, sometimes we have to go past Episode 3 to discover a gem.


      5. What? That’s just crazy talk! Three whole episodes!? Didn’t you read that I’m old?!

        I don’t have that kind of time.

        Also, bed, sleep, getting up early. Good night.


      6. Well, they say you’ll know if you like an anime by the 3rd episode….. Spectral is a movie, but the first few minutes are kind of dull….. but gets interesting , then thrilling later…. that’s what I mean by watching beyond 3 episodes.

        Okay, it’s 2:10 AM. I managed to read 15 blogs. in 2 hours. G’night. I mean, g’morning, he he.


  2. I’ve seen this one on several different blogs now, and everyone is really positive about it. Looking forward to seeing this and a 10/10 score is something that makes me even more interested😀
    If might make another suggestion: When Marnie was There is also a very beautiful film which has a similar vibe. Great post by the way 😊

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    1. Some don’t like it because it’s too much of a child’s story… but I love the purity of the story, plus, the graphics is simply gorgeous.

      When Marnie was there …. I know, but I haven’t actually seen it , coz it’s not on Netlix or Hulu. ( although I usually buy the dvd copy of an excellent anime to add to my collection )

      By the way, have you watched Violet Evergarden yet ? I also recommend Blame!, B The Beginning on Netflix.

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      1. Well I always like to believe that I am still a child at heart, and I love the way it looks so I will definitely check it out 😊
        I have seen Blame! And I started with Violet Evergarden. That last named anime is simply gorgeous. I love the story and the way that it looks 😊

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      2. You just have to finish watching Violet Evergarden !! ! ( get ready with a box of tissues, though, you might need it , ha ha )

        So how did you find Blame! ? Blame ! is crying out for a sequel, and so is Evergarden. Also check out BThe Beginning. I’m supporting Netflix’s foray into anime so that companies can continue creating good animes, with Netflix’s financial backing.

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      3. I know, although I am already currently watching a series where I need loads of tissues for: March comes in Like a Lion. Talk about an emotional show, wow!
        Blame! Wasn’t bad, although I have to say that I could not really relate to the characters. But it certainly wasn’t a bad movie. I’m hoping for a sequel too. As for BT the beginning, thanks for the recommendation, will add that one to my to watch list 😊

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