Violet Evergarden ,the dam breaks open, 10/10


Violet Evergarden…. what can I say ? I don’t even know where to start.  But first things first.  Who is Violet Evergarden  and what is the anime about?  According to Wikipedia, Violet Evergarden is a ” light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki. ‘ It is a 13 episode series developed by Kyoto Animation  and aired in January, 2018 in Japan and few other countries , and in April, 2018  in the US, licensed and aired  on Netflix.


The  story revolves around Violet Evergarden, an orphan who didn’t  even have a name, and who was trained to be a tool or a weapon of war since she was small.  While in training, she was almost raped by soldiers, but managed to kill all of them, and because of that  , the commander , Dietfred  Boungainvillea  just gave her to his younger brother, Gilbert, who in turn, treated her kindly, taught her how to read and write ,  never considered her a tool of war, and most importantly , gave her the name Violet Evergarden. . Gilbert’s existence  became  Violet’s only reason for living, and she  fiercely protected him.  Nevertheless, Gilbert  became a casualty of war, but before  he died,  he told Violet ” You have to live… be free…. and , I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart , I LOVE YOU.



Gilbert’s ” last words” is the driving force that propels the story forward to a beautiful conclusion.  Violet , you see, is an expressionless, unemotional , unempathetic weapon of war , a one -man advance team who can take down enemies anytime , anywhere .  How then can she live  in times of peace ?


Gilbert has instructed Col. Hodgins , (in case something happens to him),  to take care of Violet, and if possible, to send her to his home to live with his parents.  Violet refuses . Col. Hodgins, who has  established a postal company , then employs Violet. For some reason, almost 1/2 of the population cannot read nor write.  For this reason, Col. Hodgins’ company not only delivers letters, but also employs  ” ghostwriters” , called Auto Memory Dolls ( or Dolls ). A doll’s    job   is to write a letter for a client and she  should have a skill to put a person’s feelings into the letter. Violet becomes a doll, too….she’s very efficient, and can type 200 words a minute. The problem is, she lacks emotions, hence she is  unable to  write down the true feelings a client wants to convey. It’s like a straightforward  military report.  Over and out.


So, why does she want to be  auto memory doll ? Violet desperately wants to know what  ” I love you” means, Gilbert’s very last words.  She wants to understand  different emotions…. happiness, grief, love, sadness.



The story ” Violet Evergarden ”   is her journey towards  personal growth.  Her source are the various encounters she has had with people who need her service . “I am Violet Evergarden  , your auto memory doll. I will travel anywhere to serve you . ”


There are no words to describe what I feel about this anime.  The emotion I felt was like a raging wildfire that could only be doused by buckets of tears.  I understand that, to some,  the slow pacing of the story might not like this anime,  but I urge you to watch it, because it is so worth it. This is, by far, the best anime I’ve watched …. definitely a contender for Anime of the Year, 2018.   I rate it a 10/10.


13 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden ,the dam breaks open, 10/10

    1. Take your time , disperser. Savor each and every episode. I’m thinking, though, is this a chick flick ? Can men be affected by the story ? When you’re done, please let me know.


    2. I don’t know because I don’t actually know any chicks.

      I’m reasonably certain I can be affected by stories but I don’t know that this is one such story.

      If I finish it, I’ll let you know but please understand we may not have the same opinion about it. Let’s just say that as of now, I’m not overly motivated to rush through it. In fact, I started two new series although neither is hooking me yet.

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      1. Oh, thanks! I’ll skip to the penultimate episode, then.

        Look, I can’t speak to the motivation of others, but I have little desire to bask in depictions of sad, desolate, and melancholic stories.

        What’s interesting is the series seems to say that she is the sad, desolate, and melancholic character because she can’t feel or understand the suffering of others.

        But, she already “feels” her own loss. Anyway, I’ll shoot forward to the end and see if it makes any more sense.

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    1. The mother-daughter episode, and the soldier in the battlefield….. Holy Molly ! Violet couldn’t show any emotions in the open, but deep inside, her heart was getting stabbed. Her personal growth is seen thru the eyes of other characters. The story is so different.


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