Sunshine Blogger Award from Eggsandwich04…. thanks !




I know I’ve neglected this site for almost 2 years. My last post was on Nov.16, 2018.  I feel sad and guilty.  Good thing KS Blogs / Eggsandwich04   handed me an award, The Sunshine Blogger Award.  This has given me a golden opportunity to reconnect with my inner otakuness. ~_~


Without further ado, here are Eggsandwich04’s questions:


  1. What’s the most repeated song you’re listening to in quarantine

I’ve been watching  Philippine musical scene since last year,  and I think I’ve watched  SB19’s  live performance of ALAB  1 million times.  SB 19  is a Filipino pop  group .


  1. Tell us how your friends decribe you in three words


Square,  stubborn,  giggler

  1. What is number one on your bucket list?


I’ve travelled  in Europe for a month,  but , to be honest,  I’d rather  go to Japan, and travel for one month, as well.   That’s # 1 on my list  now.

  1. Which anime/cartoon/sitcom you’re most interested in right now?


I’m interested to watch  a second season of  B The Beginning,  and second season of  Violet Evergarden.   ( I  have a feeling  Violet’s beloved  is still alive. )

  1. Which genre do you prefer


For anime,  action/thriller……. for manga,  shoujo romance.

  1. What do you enjoy doing most other than blogging?


Reading Detective/Crime/ political  books.  Oh, and  trying new recipes.

  1. What’s your guilty pleasure?


Watching animes, reading mangas, and playing video games.

  1. Your favorite music artist


Depends on their music….. some artists that are not my favorite do come out with one or two  outstanding music

  1. The best manga/book you read so far


I don’t know… I have lots of favorites, but there’s one manga that I cannot forget….  Yumenara Samenaida.

  1. How would your perfect day be?


I come home clean and un-infected by the virus.


That’s it !


Thank you again,  Eggsandwich04 ! !

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