God of War 4

God of War 4,developed by Santa Monica Studio, has  done it again.  God of War  4 has definitely surpassed  the previous 3  games in the series  in terms of gameplay, battle scenes, combat   and most importantly, the graphics.  It is gorgeous !



So, how is God of War 4 different from 1, 2 and 3 ?  First,  Kratos , the main character  has gotten so much older.  Here is Kratos  in the past.



Second,  the events in 1, 2, and 3  occurred in Greece.  Kratos is a Greek God of war, the title that was bestowed upon him  when he defeated and killed Ares,  the real  God of War. ( although we do learn that he was, indeed, born a god, and is actually the  son of Zeus ) . Here, events occur  in Norway, where he has to deal with Norse gods.


The second difference is, all the enemies in 4 have health bars , and so much harder to defeat, whereas in the other series, only the bosses have health bars.


The third is, though the gameplay is  linear just like the other GoWs, in this series, the player does not have to do all the battles to advance the story. For example…. the Valkyries.  These enemies can be found in the hidden chambers of Odin, and the doors can only be opened if the player has acquired the chisel. Of course, once the player has acquired the chisel,  we have to use it, right ?… So , we open the door, and bam, holy molly , the enemy is almost a one- hit wonder…. you get hit once and you’re dead. The good thing about this is that it isn’t necessary  to confront the enemies in the chamber…. you can leave, say bye, and continue on with the main journey. The advantage of doing battles with the Valkyries is that winning it gives you great rewards like ” flame of chaos” , which the player can use to upgrade the weapons, and health points which are used to upgrade fighting abilities.


The most important difference is that Kratos has a son now who is a tremendous help in winning the battles. By the way, if you plan to play GoW4,  see to it that you  upgrade  Atreus’ weapon ( arrow ) and abilities. Kratos cannot win  without his son’s help.  There’s just no way Kratos can, especially against the one -hit wonders and the Valkyries.


I’m rating God of War 4 a 10/10. Or maybe it’s just me? This is my kind of game, fast and furious. Another thing,  this game is worth playing again.


I’m currently playing  Horizon, Zero Dawn. The gameplay is a bit different, and well, so far, the verdict is still out there.


This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.


12 thoughts on “God of War 4

  1. In my gaming days I absolutely loved the God of War series. I even owned the two they released on PSP, both were amazing. I have seen and heard many good things about it, so I can totally understand that you gave this a 10/10 rating. Glad you enjoyed the game so much 😊

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    1. Awesome, amazing…. you should play it on HD, 52 inch TV , sensurround to get the full impact of the game, ha ha ! I also had the game on PSP but dropped it, it was too small. You should play the latest , raistlin.

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  2. I always read these with interest (here and other places) because it almost sounds like something I might enjoy (but hopefully would not get addicted to).

    I came close to trying Assassins Creed (I don’t remember which version and I don’t know where the franchise is now) but what ultimately stayed my hand was the perceived complexity of the game.

    I mean, I’m sure I can learn it, but I wonder about the effort. Some have written about starting out with simpler games and this makes sense because most current players have “grown” with the industry. The industry is also pressured to provide greater and more complex challenges to keep things interesting . . . but that makes me — a novice player — hesitate to jump in.

    I probably . . . no; no probably . . . I have enough interests these days to keep me well occupied but I’m curious about your opinion as to whether jumping in on one of these games would be more an exercise in frustration than enjoyment. I’m also reminded of your last review about a game that was stumping you a bit.

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    1. As to complexity… the game will, initially, teach you what to do ( what buttons to push ) , like, double tap X button to evade, L2 to aim, triangle to recall the weapon, etc. and of course , there are ” combos ” , which, you have to memorize. L1 ( block ) + R1 , your weapon spins around the enemy, creating more damage. I actually took notes of the instructions and pasted the paper on the wall where I could quickly glance at them.

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  3. Disperser, for some reason, I couldn’t get into Assassin’s Creed. I have the complete discs for consoles PS2 and 3. Actually, my brother gave them to me, but I had played just one, and dropped it. I don’t know. I found the game quite boring.

    I assume you have a PS4 ??? God of War 4 can only be played on PS4. Do you know I actually thought of you while I was playing this? I thought, oh, goodness, disperser will definitely like this. Another game that you might enjoy is Tomb Raider.


    1. Ah . . . you assume incorrectly. I own no game console . . . wait . . . that’s not true. I have one of the original Atari 2600 consoles with a bunch of games and four controllers. I haven’t played it in the last 8 years or so.

      But, no modern console. I had inherited a Wii and played exactly two bowling games on it. I sold it when we moved.

      Here’s another thing . . . I have no games loaded onto my computer (other than the ones from Microsoft which I never play). I have no games loaded on my phone. One of my Fire tablets has a Word Unscrambler games that my wife and I play almost every night for 10 minutes or so before she goes to bed . . . it’s a continuation of the same game from when we bought it so the score is now astronomical. That’s it as far as games I play.

      I used to occasionally play this game:

      I got pretty good at it. Try it, it’s tough.

      There used to be a couple of other games I used to play but all were of the kind like the above . . . you would eventually lose and the trick was to see how far you could last before dying. After a while, I lost interest.

      I must confess that part of my interest in these newer games comes from me listening to epic music where they will play scenes from certain games . . . like:

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      1. One thing . . . I’m never sure if the actual graphics are as good or as smooth as what I see in these videos.

        I saw a screen recording of an actual Hitman game and it looked more like the games I’m used to seeing with jumpy movements and characters not as nicely rendered as in that video.

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      2. I assure you, the graphics are awesome. Santa Monica makes good video games, specifically God of war, which took them 3 years to finish. You can check it out on you tube. I’m sure this will get an award this year. The first GoW was released in 2005, and was Game of the year at one point.. I was in middle school when I played the first one.

        The only video game that can rival GoW’s graphics is Unchartered ,in my opinion. You should play that, too..


      3. So . . . what do I drop from my non-stop day to make room for one of these games?

        Certainly not my writing or photos . . . or eating . . . or the time I spend with Melisa . . . or the little sleep I get . . .

        . . . gotta to be the gym. That would give me roughly 2.5 hours a day to play games . . . sounds like a plan as I can probably eat some more as I play the games.

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      4. First you buy the console. He he ( cheaper now coz it’s been , what, 3 years since it first came out. ) Ah, so many to play, so little time.

        Oh, heck… right now, it’s 2 AM , Ca time.


      5. Perhaps you should hit the sack.

        As for me buying the console . . .

        Probably not. I tend to immerse myself in new things and games would likely be a very bad thing for me to get into.


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