13 Reasons Why……


my reasons why

I’ve been nominated  by moyatori ( https://moyatorium.wordpress.com/ )  for  an award ” My Reasons Why”.

I have to give 13 reasons why I keep going/living .


At first, I thought  the question would be easy peasy one to answer..  Then my mind went blank.  6_6


The first thing that came to my mind was Descartes’  I am, therefore I exist.  We were asked at school to expound on that in 1000 words.  That’s the reason why I hate Philosophy 101 .


Or , explain the concept of zero in Math.


Or imagine the vastness of the universe.


Okay, Ren, enough already. We get it.


Right. Let’s do this.


So, what are the 13 reasons that keep me going/living?


a)   There is more to life than just existing. I want to experience more than what I have now.

b)   I want to marry and have a family of my own.

c)   I want to experience motherhood and being a parent.

d)   I want to earn lots of $$$ so I can travel ,in style, if possible. I’m not up to backpacking, sorry.

e)   I want to see Egypt, Israel, Greece, Pompeii, Japan ( the whole country), Turkey, and the US, coast to coast.

f)   I want to have a nice house with a big garden, with lots of flowers and fruit trees.

g)   I want to continue eating chocolate mousse, double fudge chocolate cake, cheese cake with blueberry toppings, leche flan,  chocolate coated donut with Bavarian  cream filling, and barbecued pork and ribs.

h)   I want to see Keanu Reeves in person.

i)    If circumstances permit, I’d like to take care of , and support my parents in their old age. They’ve done so much for me.

j)    I’d like to see the inauguration of the first woman President of the United States.

k)    I want to see what happens to planet earth 50 years from now.

l)     I want to see what happens to planet earth 50 years from now.

m)   I want to see what happens to planet earth 50 years from now.


That’s it…. my 13 reasons that keep me going.





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