Ao Haru Ride S*cks

  • Ao Haru Ride

  1. The Storyline ________ Eeek ! ! I swear, each chapter was written to stab the hearts of readers, every effing time.

2. The Male lead, Kuo_______ He is in love with Futaba. Futaba is in love with him, so very much. But, what the f*ck, kuo ! You got together with another girl just because her father died, your mother also died, both in the same hospital, and she confessed to you, and you got together with her because you wanted to ease her pain of losing a parent? And worst, you continued to play with Futaba’s emotions , even flaunting your relationship with another girl ? And you, Futaba, you’re a first class masochist ! Even your friends have become frutrated with your relentless love for a douchebag.

3. The Ending____________So, okay, there’s a second male lead, Touma, who’s also head over heels in love with Futaba. He pursues her despite the fact that he knows Futaba is in love with Kuo. When Futaba realizes she really has to move on, she finally accepts Touma, and they get together. Kuo gets jealous, and tries to get in the way, that jerk. That “dog in the manger” attitude rears its ugly head once again. * I don’t want to be with you, but I don’t want you to be with another. ” He breaks up with his girlfriend, and pursues Futaba, even if he knows she ‘s already in a relationship with Touma, confident that he can get her back . He’s effing right. In the end, we see Touma , sitting in a bench alone, after Futaba breaks up with him.

And to think, the day she breaks up with him, she’s supposed to attend Touma’s band gig that same night, and Touma is so eager for Futaba to listen to the song that he composed for her. * I can’t…. I just can’t. *

I was teary eyed when I read Touma’s conversation with his friend.

Friend: Are you still going to sing the song you composed for her?

Touma: Yes. I don’t regret pursuing her, and getting together with her even if I knew she loved someone else. I’d regret it more if I didn’t do that. I just thought that my love could make her forget Kuo, if I tried hard enough.

I’m a sucker for pure, unrequited love.

Do you know the pain from a broken heart is not only emotional, but also a medical and clinical pain that would affect one’s physical well-being ?

But, I think I’d prefer the pain from a broken heart, than the pain of getting cheated on. Damn. That’s the worst.

2 thoughts on “Ao Haru Ride S*cks

  1. I have to read this in full since I’ve kind of checked in and out. But if nothing else, at least it sounds like it will leave an impression! Strobe Edge was so boring. But I like how Love Me, Love Me Not manga has two heroines instead of just one, so while I wouldn’t put the author anywhere near my list of favorites, at least her works seem to be getting better.

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    1. ” sigh ”

      There was a time I avoided reading new chapters.

      To be honest, I was felt more agitated and aggrieved reading the comments of Kuo fans who kept rationalizing their crush’s behavior. They even defended Kuo by saying , no, she’s not his girlfriend, he’s just keeping her company…. that manipulative b*tch is just grieving, so no, she’s not his girlfriend. LOL I was in the comment section fighting it out with these idiots.

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