OOKAMI SHOUJO TO KURO OUJI manga , I rank 10/10



Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here !


I  haven’t watched any new anime lately. The reason for this is that Netflix and Hulu have not put any new ones on their list.  Worse, Netflix  ‘s  list has gone down from 98 animes to 35.  About Hulu’s….. though they have hundreds on their lineup, there has not been any movement lately. So, I have decided to post about a manga that ended about 3 weeks ago. It’s Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. Wolf Girl and  Black Prince )



Synopsis from Mangahere : SPOILERS AHEAD !

Shinohara Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy  who turned out to be their schoolmate , and was recognized by her friends. ( Of course, he is currently the school’s Prince , Duh !)  Their conversations were overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain to him the situation in secret and proposed the idea of  faking their relationship. However, Kyouya  , who actually gives off the charming, sparkling nice feeling to his fans,  turned out to be a black prince ( Kuro Ouji ) , accepted the proposal, and proceeded to blackmail her , and made her his dog on a leash. (  Ookami Shoujo )


In other words,  she became his slave, calling her dog all the time, and the only reason he agreed was he found the situation an amusing way to kill time. Kyouya also had a foul mouth and totally sarcastic.  So, okay,  I thought this was a different romantic plotline with the main guy a total jerk, and the girl a pitiful doormat. Oh,wait…..  it’s cliché ! ! !  This kind of plotline is 90% typical of shoujo romance.


Kyouya’s cringe-worthy behavior became too much for me to take that I wanted to drop this manga.  For instance…. there was this guy, Kurasabe,  Erika’s classmate,  who was crushing on her.  On Valentine’s Day, Erika made chocolate  cupcakes for Kyouya….. but she also made ” courtesy ” cupcakes for her friends. Kurasabe mentioned to Erika he had never received a Valentine’s gift… so Erika gave him one. Later, Kyouya saw Kurasabe  looking so happy and saw the gift, as well….. much later, Erika gave Kyouya her gift, then Kyouya saw it was exactly the same gift that she gave  Kurasabe.  So, what did Kyouya do ? He threw the cupcake to her face. What the ! !  ( See what I mean ? )  The tipping point to me though was this….  Kurasabe confessed to Erika, then stupid Kurasabe informed Kyouya about it.




Erika overheard the whole conversation.  Ouch.  Later,  Erika thanked Kyouya  for everything he had done for her, blah, blah, blah. And broke up the relationship. Well, it was fake, anyway.  I applauded Erika for that. I thought finally she grew a backbone.  To make the story short,  Kyouya  ran after her when he thought Erika and Kurasabe  would get together.  And of course, she rejected Kurasabe and came back to Kyouya…. and they became a real couple.


I wanted to drop the manga after that. Did he change ?  No ! The insults , sarcasm, and foul behavior continued on… and Erika just took it.  In fact, up to the end, married to Erika, and with a 5 year old kid together,   the foul mouth was still there. It was in his DNA, apparently.


Here’s the thing….. I did manage to reread more than 1/2  of the manga this week ( so I could write about it….. after all,  it’s been  5 years  ) and , I got a different perspective on Kyouya’s  personality. He  ‘s too proud to show his feelings…. and , does the opposite, when in fact, he has fallen totally and  irrevocably head over heels   in love with her.  Erika , on  the other hand, has accepted him, warts and all.  I also saw something in Kyouya that I could relate to.  Erika  has a template on how lovers should act….. like, feeding food to Kyouya. ” Say, ahhhh…. ”  And Kyouya’s like, ” the heck ! Don’t wanna ! ”  Well, folks, I can’t see myself doing that, either.* shivers*


So, what else can I say ?  Before rereading,  I gave this manga a 5/10 ranking. After rereading,  I had an epiphany, hence , I’m now giving it a big 10/10.  Perfect romance til the end.


Thank you for reading.




12 thoughts on “OOKAMI SHOUJO TO KURO OUJI manga , I rank 10/10

    1. I don’t know why they do that. Netflix even yanks out animes that are supposed to be Original Netflix, like that Sidonia thing. Do you have an idea why ? I think anime fans are now depending on Crunchyroll. But we can’t afford to get another subscription. We already have Dish network, comprehensive ( $174 a month ), then Netflix and Hulu.


      1. No idea . . . but Netflix is fast approaching a point where the amount of benefit I am receiving for what I am paying is coming out negative. We’re thinking of just buying stuff through Amazon and that way we’ll have it forever and can stream it whenever we want.

        Whenever we buy a house, we’ll likely drop cable and only have Internet.

        I was pretty pissed off about The Seven Deadly Sins four episode OVA being passed off as the Second Season (it isn’t).

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      2. I confess to losing interest after the first one. I think I started the second one and thought it was more stuff that made little sense from a narrative point of view.

        Although, if that’s really the case – that the fourth episode is the real ending to the first season – it’s a little annoying. I’m one of them there folks who like things nice and tidy . . . we got an ending to season 1; there can’t be two endings to the same thing (why I don’t like alternate endings in movies).

        I’ll force myself to watch the rest of the episodes. I had lost interest in ep. 4 when the description said Merlin was going to do some waitressing.


  1. For your daily anime fix crunchyroll who have partnered up with funimation have a large catalog. Or if you have ad blocker installed on your web browser, any other anime sites that stream them.

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  2. The problem with streaming sites like Netflix is that they only have the licence to air a show for a limited amount of time. After that they remove it from their catalog. If you want to have the option of watching a series forever the safest option is buying the DVDs.


    1. Too expensive, Otaku Judge, though we have more than a hundred titles in our collection. I do want to buy an anime like Hunter x Hunter because it’s one of those that I can watch over and over again.

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    1. Read the manga first, before watching the anime. The anime ends in the middle of the manga. I don’t think the anime developers will put out a second season.


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