The Persona Series,or Musings of a Geek



Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’m currently playing the video game Bloodborne.   I only have one word to describe the gameplay…….. Dooooooood  !


But , I’m not quitting, no matter what.   Those who have played this  know exactly how hard this game is. It’s twice nastier  than Lara Croft fighting an army of samurais  at the final boss battle , which I just finished , by the way.


My love for gaming has been revived.  It’s now official. I don’t know though if that’s a good thing, because life, you know.



Speaking of which, I’m sure all gamers know Persona 5    is out…..  9 years after Persona 4, and 10 years after Persona 3 FES.  About P3FES……. this game has totally traumatized me, and still haunts me to this day.  Why so ?   I believe I hold the record  of  playing a game the longest , about 1000 hours, and yes, the game actually records the number of playing hours.  My first game was just a little over 100 hours , without playing The Answer yet  (  the game is supposed to be a 105 – 110 hour – game , 75 for the main game called Journey and 30 for the additional game called The Answer.)   I hated the ending and  tearfully blamed my brother  for not telling me  my efforts would  all be for naught because ………  oh, for heaven’s sake, Ren, just say it.  The game is, after all, already 10 years old.  So, okay,   the main character dies.  Then, my brother told me the game had a glitch and if  I could max out the levels and statuses of every thing and every one in the game (  my persona, all 99 of them,  the 6 crew members’ , and max out all my media links …… 12  characters  ), I could actually ” save ”  the main character.  Oh, and Ren,   there’s a secret boss  you  can meet  if you  play The Game +, meaning play the game again from beginning.   My brother lied. That lying ass !  (  There was a secret boss…. that, at least was true )


I  literally went down on my knees, bawling my eyeballs out when the ending song and credits  came out.


We pre-ordered Persona 4  , but neither my brother nor yours truly have played it, but I think  I’m going to play it now before I buy Persona 5.  After all, it’s been 10 years…… I do have to move on .  Although , to this day, the thought of  Minato’s death, and the gameplay itself still moves me to tears.  He defeats Nyxx, and saves the world from destruction, goes back to attend school, and on the day of  his  high school graduation, he is late, so instead, he  goes to the school’s rooftop, feels sleepy,  dozes off….. and doesn’t wake up.  The End . Memories of You plays.


Best RPG  game of the Decade, and my most favorite game of all time.


One question to my gamer readers…….  which do you prefer,  buy from Play Station  store and download the digital copy of the game, or  buy the physical copy from Wal-Mart ?  I need an input on this.


Okay, bye for now.   Thank you for reading.
















23 thoughts on “The Persona Series,or Musings of a Geek

    1. I do want to hold the copy, and want to view my collection every now and then. And best of all, I can lend it to a friend who wants to play the game. With digital download, there’s no way I can do that. No sharing. ( And that’s exactly the reason why these developers and game console manufacturers made it that way. There’s no income from people buying second hand copies, and sharing . )


    1. It wasn’t hyped before it came out in 2007. Also, it was a Japanese Role Playing game , which at that time, was not very popular with Western players. ( although Final Fantasy was already getting noticed…. another JRPG game. )

      Oh, wait……. do you play ????

      You know, the stuff I wrote here are really true. I think I cried for months. I don’t know what happened to me, lol.


  1. Haha, your brother is a nasty piece of work. By the way, if you 100% Final Fantasy 7 a secret boss appears and if you beat him you can save Aeries. Honest! 😉

    Persona 3 is an awesome game. At the moment I am playing Persona 5, which I imagine will last me ages as most days I can only play for an hour. I personally prefer Persona 4 over 3 because it is less dark. As a Vita owner I was able to play Persona 4 Golden, which comes with some added content.

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    1. I believe you,or just about anyone, except my brother. He told me the main character of Cowboy Bebop was still alive… then we watched the ending together, and he was like , ” watch closely , Ren…. did you see that? It means , he is still alive .” I believed it for a long time. Pffft.

      Persona 3 is dark. I mean, is there an anime where the characters shoot themselves in the head with a gun ( they are called Evokers) to fight the enemies ? Good thing it wasn’t censored here in the US. The US version of Persona 2 is different from the original Japanese. Lesbianism was taken off US version, and the two female characters became cousins.

      Have you watched Persona 4 Ultimate Arena ?

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      1. I’m surprised the media never made a fuss about the Evokers. They are always looking for an excuse to bash video games.

        I own the two Persona fighting games, but haven’t completed either.

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      2. I know, right ?

        Do you know Igor’s assistant Elizabeth said in the Persona Arena she would try to free the main protagonist of Persona 3 from the seal ? There’s still hope…… but…… his body has been cremated, that’s the problem.

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  2. It sounds like you’re already a fan of buying it from the store. If lending it to friends gives you joy, then go for it. Also, owning a physical copy means you can lend it to your brother while telling him something false about the ending. You know, returning the favor so to speak.

    From my (amateur) perspective on Japanese storytelling, if the main character just falls to sleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dead. He could just be waiting for the next series of events, or it could mean that part of him is dead. If the game’s about different personas, this might make more sense. The heroic part of him doesn’t need to go on living because that fight is over.


    1. The fight is indeed over. The main game is called The Journey, and the additional game is called The Answer………. the first release was called just Persona 3, but so much controversies re ending came out, like he’s not dead, and gamers threatened they wouldn’t buy any Persona games anymore….. the open – ending was so unsatisfactory to those who have invested so much of their time and effort, and they wanted a definitive answer, so, Atlus put out a second version , called Persona 3 FES with a second game called The Answer ( we bought that, too ). In The Answer, the death of the main character was finally confirmed. His body was cremated.


      1. Actually, at least for Kindle, many books can be loaned out to others. Like for a physical book, you will not be able to read it while out on loan.

        Some books are loanable. But, truth be told, I don’t loan out my books (DVDs, CDs, Laser Discs, LPs, toothbrushes) either . . . unless I have an extra copy.


      2. Yes, that’s true. I just like the feel of a real book in my hands.

        I also try not to loan out my books, because , more often than not, borrowers tend not to return them. Well, not tend, they DO NOT return them. Ugh. How come people do not return stuff they borrow ?


      1. Wow! Impressed. I am a comics collector myself. Franco-Belgian school, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. 🙂 Probably the same shelf space as you have in mangas. Who would you recommend in mangas to a total ignorant? 🙂

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  3. Much as I want to help the manga industry in Japan, I cannot recommend any manga , unless you want to spend a lot for one story. Some consist of more than 25 volumes per story. I’d recommend buying the anime version, instead.


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