Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, Definitive Edition


Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


Wow. It’s been a while. My last post’s date is  Dec.30, 2016.  I haven’t watched any anime, either. The last one was Moshi-shi.  Blame it on my new PS4.  It has resurrected my love for video games.  Anyway,  I finished playing Ratchet and Clank.  Since I haven’t played for 2 years, playing again was awkward , and my hands  felt like jelly.  But I got back  in the groove in no time….


I am normally a silent player.  I don’t curse, nor scream.  But, oh, no… not with  Tomb Raider, Definitive Edition,  for PS4.   I swore like a construction worker, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s a heart attack game , what  with a platoon of enemies  shooting at you with submachine guns, throwing bombs ,  rushing towards you with guns and machete, and I love it !  This is my kind of game.

Check it out , and click at  26:57   That’s  exactly where I’m at right now……… I play for 2 hours every night ,right after work,  and I think I’ll get this done  by weekend.


This is my first Tomb Raider Game. The gameplay reminds me of  God of War franchise, which is one of my all-time favorites. The difference between GoW  and Tomb Raider  is that TR is a shooting game, and player has to aim….. I was really bad at aiming, or so I thought. Not anymore. I can now aim at a moving target precisely  and quickly, right smack in the head.  * ah, sweet Ren…. your violent streak is showing *


Before I say bye, bye for now, I’d like to apologize to  sebbo12  of Sebastian’s Blog  . I promised to acknowledge the Sunshine Blogger Award that he gave me sometime ago but I ‘d decided instead to write about this video game I’m currently playing while it’s still fresh on my mind. Next post, I promise.


The reason why I have not been watching animes  lately is because there are no new episodes and /or new seasons of my favorite animes , like Noragami, etc,  on  Netflix and Hulu.


This is all for now.  I promise to post more often this year.


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17 thoughts on “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, Definitive Edition

    1. Okay ! Thanks ! By the way, do you know the manga has hundreds of episodes already…. and let’s not be too quick to like the main male character….. I’m not sure though, so we’ll see.


      1. From what I’ve read, the characters themselves were changed for the anime, including the relationship between the characters and their personalities.

        This was based on fan reaction to the anime. I can’t find the original article, but the Meliodas was kind of a jerk in the manga (or so I’ve read) and Ban’s role was expanded. I’m just enjoying it for what it is, and reading the Manga would likely diminish my enjoyment (why I don’t like looking at alternative endings in movies; they stick with me).


      2. Just curious . . . I only see four shows, and there seems to be a discontinuity from the ending to the first season. I thought they were heading off to find the rest of the deadly sins. Now, they are just hanging around getting drunk and talking nonsense. (are they trying to appeal to slackers?)

        Plus, the first two shows make no sense . . . I don’t see a story, the characters act different, and . . . well, it’s boring.

        Is it just me or dis something happen, like maybe the original writers left and they got a high school freshman to write random scenes?


    1. Just watched Epi 12 of Vol. 4. I guess they call it volume here, not season. 12 episode is clearly the ending of Vol. 4.

      RWBY is getting more interesting. I’ve also gotten used to the graphics. Yep, I’m starting to like the series….. and I heard, it’s even getting popular in Japan, or already popular ?

      I haven’t watched 7 Deadly Sins yet.


      1. I’m not confident they have what it takes to pull off this story . . . We’ll see.

        As for the graphics, to me, it seems “stiffer” than the first three volumes. The character motion is not as smooth and it appears less “natural” than it used to be.

        My first thought when I started watching volume four was that they skimped on the rendering. I went back to the first few episodes in volume one and the characters appear to have more range and fluidity to their movements.

        Perhaps it’s just different, but I can almost discern a degradation from the first episode of Vol. 4 to the last.

        I’ve not watched 12 yet because, frankly, they are losing my interest. The story is not there to support the action and that would be fine if we had great action, but we don’t. At this point, I’ve nearly lost all interest in the characters, mostly because I don’t know why they are doing anything and the bad guys are made so cryptic that I feel like borrowing the parlance of a valley girl and say “what-ever!”

        Perhaps, that’s why they are gaining in popularity in Japan . . . that whole “inscrutable” thing might play over there.


    2. I don’t know the technical term for this, but I think the graphics of Volume 4 have become” flat “. But so far, so good. There’s some character development and interesting back stories of the other players in the team….. although I’m still in the dark as to the motives of the bad guys.

      Re Seven Sins….. I couldn’t finish Epi. 1 of Season 2…. ” shrugging shoulders” I mean, one episode is about the whole gang looking for the pig ( Hawk ) … I jumped to Epi 2, then 3, though I watched Epi 4 to the end. There are good seasons and bad seasons. We’ll wait and see.


  1. I’m currently playing The Rise of Tomb Raider and I have the same feeling! I’m doing my best not to curse and throw stuff while playing. It’s so challenging and it makes you think really hard. I die about 5 times before I move on to another checkpoint. Lol!


    1. Have you played this TR Definitive Edition or is it the same Rise of the Tomb Raider? The Definitive Edition is actually a PS3 game, but PS released it for PS4.

      I know ! It’s actually a very difficult game, but so much fun to play it. ( and I like that the main character is female )


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