This is the third post  here on my manga blog.  What inspired me to write another one after only  a week  from my last post were the animes  Moribito ( read 4x ) ,  Kouturo-San  (3 x ), Hiiro no Kakera ( 2x ) and   Gunslinger Girl( 2x )  that I had watched again   these past 2 weeks or so.  If you ‘re following my other blog, you know I post no more than once a month But I think this blog will be different. I have tons of materials to write about,  about 5,000 mangas and animes, whereas on my other blog,  it’s just about my life,  politics,  or whatever   is currently going on, like ,  huff, huff, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, and Donald Trump.

Anyway, I  did mention on my first post that I don’t write reviews.  Instead,  I will write about my feelings and my opinions  that , I have  to admit, will be full of biases and personal preferences, and therefore very  subjective.  For example…. I don’t like the harem genre.  I don’t like girls pushing their big boobs in the main guy’s face.  And don’t hate me,  but I cannot go past Kill la Kill’s  female protagonist’s superhero costume, no matter how good the reviews are.

Now about Moribito…… the main girl, Balsa, is , imho,  the most beautiful  female protagonist in anime world.  She’s almost 30 years old,  works as a for-hire bodyguard because of her extraordinary  but non- supernatural  strength .  She chooses  to work  as one not because she likes it but to atone  for the eight people who were killed by her mentor/guard  to protect her when she was a child.  The first season  deals with her dangerous  journey  of protecting  a child prince whose own  king father  has ordered his assassination . The queen mother secretly hires Balsa to protect the prince and keep him alive, practically forever. For all intents and purposes, the boy has become  Balsa’s  child.  It is rather  a complicated situation. The father is not a bad man but he believes the child  has to die to protect hundreds of thousands of his people from drought, famine and hunger. He believes  his child  has been possessed by a demon spirit that appears once in  one hundred years, and unfortunately, it’s his own child that has to be sacrificed for the common good.

The story of Moribito is so good and wonderful  that  I can watch it over and over again.  The graphics are  clean and crisp,  and the actors’ dubbed voices are spot on.  If I had to recommend an anime  for  people who’d watch their first anime,  this is it.  Moribito.  10/10 .  I salute.

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Thank you for reading.  Next post will be about Hiiro no Kakera, Koutura-San and Gunslinger Girl.




10 thoughts on “MORIBITO 10/10

  1. Lovely post! 😍😉
    Oh my gosh I love obsessing over anime and manga!
    I think anime is better written than most TV series lol
    What do you think of novels being turned into mangas? The romance novels I can do without!!😖👎
    However classics like les miserable and pride and prejudice I like.
    I never seen morbitio and I am with you on Harem Girls! 😒😖
    I really need to start a list on my animes, mangas and characters !!!


    1. Anime fantasy is great. The stories are illustrated so they do fantastic scenes, without regard to physics. lol The sky’s the limit.

      What do I think of novels being turned into mangas ? I’m okay with it. The question is, what do I think of mangas being turned into animes ? Since I’m more manga reader than anime watcher, I can tell right away if an anime adaptation has been tweaked, altered , and sometimes downright changed. That annoys me.

      Hey, Rebecca, if you can find Moribito, I urge you to watch it.


      1. im ok with mangas being turned into anime as long as the seiyu isnt lame. (voice actor) johnny yong bosch all the way baby or steve blume!!!
        oh i hate it when they tweak the adaptations. especially in the manga, when i anticipate my heart will swell with emotion at a certain point in the story, then in the anime its not there! its not there! what the heck, man!

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    2. I can cite one good example of anime developers tweaking the adaptation……. Ouran HS Host Club. I was like, ” Noo…. where did that come from ? So I had to go back to the manga to check out where that happened….. NOWHERE to be found. Darn ! Don’t get me started. It ruined the anime for me. Totally ruined ! !

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  2. I wondered why I couldn’t find many of your posts, your blog goes across, not down…I wish I was more technically minded. Moribito sounds interesting, with complex characters and situations. I am intrigued. The obsession with scantily clad, overly sexualised women is a bit ridiculous, character and plot win all the way!


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