Golden Time, 5/10


This  my fourth post.  Now I promised I’d write about Gunslinger Girl, and Hiiro no Kakera   after my  Moribito  post,  but I got to watch Golden Time this week and decided I ‘d post about this ” romance ” anime  first.  I liked Golden Time enough that  normally, I’d have  given it, at most, a 9/10 , (a high one for romance genre ) if not for the rushed ending that made me go wtf ! And because of this , I’m giving it a 5/10 instead, a rather huge rank -down, I know.

As I said before, I wouldn’t be giving a review. This is a straightforward discusiion of the plotline, my analysis  of it, and where it went downhill for me. Therefore, you need to  brace yourself for spoilers galore up to the ending, because the ending is where the author f*cked up. ( imho, that is ). So , if you’re averse to spoilers, this is where you stop reading.  But if you’re okay with it, and you haven’t seen this anime, please go watch it, then come back here , and let me know what you think.

But first, the story:

There are 4 main protagonists….. Banri Tanda, Koko Kaga, Mitsuo and Linda.  Banri is a kind, quiet, and nice law student  who happens to suffer from retrograde amnesia ( doesn’t remember anything that happened, including his friends, before the accident…. he gets hit by a motorcycle at the bridge in his hometown while waiting for the ” answer of yes or no” from the girl he has just confessed to during their graduation ceremony in high school.  ). Koko is  a very beautiful, rich, girl who is obsessively in love with Mitsuo, her childhood friend who doesn’t reciprocate her love… , he has even rejected her so many times, but Koko stubbornly   clings to his promise that they’ll marry when they grow up. Linda goes to the same university, a member of a cultural club , and yes,  she is that girl Banri ” was ” in love with.  Banri and Linda meet at one point, but he doesn’t recognize her, and Linda lets it be because she feels responsible for Banri’s accident .

Mitsuo and Banri become close friends.  It’s Banri who keeps Koko from meeting Mitsuo. He starts to pity her, and thru their frequent interactions, Banri  realizes   Koko is actually a kind but very vulnerable person. They fall in love and start dating.  They even join Linda’s cultural club. Then one day on Banris vacation to his hometown, he checks his HS class album and sees a photo of him and linda together. It triggers some flashbacks, and later confronts Linda about their past relationship. Linda admits they knew each other and even confesses that she’s the one he was  in love with, and the girl he was waiting for at the bridge .

Here’s the thing…. there’s a 5th protagonist in this story…. Banri’s spirit who’s been following him around,  the Banri of the past who’s still very much in love with Linda and has been struggling to get into Banri’s psyche so that he can recall his past .  Every now and then, the spirit succeeds and Banri starts to have feelings for Linda again, and in  one incident, almost cheats on Koko with Linda.  Koko sees it, Banri runs after her, and admits he still has feelings for Linda and he cannot help it. He does tell her he  loves Koko, too.  But he’s afraid   his present ” self ” and his present memories will disappear   the moment the past takes over his psyche. Koko forgives him for his  indiscretion and begs him to forget the past, and be with her forever.  But then, the spirit starts to take over Banri, making him forget some things that happen in the present, to the point that he doesn’t even know why he’s living at his apartment.

Sounds supernatural , doesn’t it ?  A spirit taking over, and Banri forgetting the present and everyone in it ?  Baloney. To me, that’s  just a load of crap .  It’s not medically possible.  What irks me is that the author  injects some sort of supernatural thing in the story to rationalize  and justify  Banri’s  change of heart, that is, leaving Koko and everyone behind to start another life with Linda.  Linda , the seemingly  kind and sweet  person is the sly one here. Though  she also loves Banri ,  she could have told Banri everything, that it’s alright he’s now with Koko, and she knows Banri and Koko love each other and therefore , Banri should move forward, live in  the present and future from now on.  However, at this point,  Koko is now  aware that Banri just wants to be with Linda.  She then  breaks up with Banri .  Banri  , at this point , is still struggling to stay in the present, but Koko breaking up with him shocks him, and I believe that’s the point he abandons his futile struggles  to be in the present.  He leaves Tokyo and the university, actually forgets he had a GF, forgets he has friends at school, and leaves everything behind, and goes back to his hometown with Linda. . She goes home with Banri.  How cunning of Linda.

Meanwhile, his friends from Tokyo cannot accept what happened to him, to Koko , and their friendship. They find out where banri lives,  and urge  Koko to visit him to find out how he is.  Koko goes, on the pretext that she’s just returning   the cds  she has borrowed , including the mirror that she says he had left behind.The mirror is one of the matching mirrors that Koko has given to Banri. ( couple mirror? ) She doesn’t tell him she’s Koko, and it’s useless, anyway.  Banri doesn’t recognize her. Then Koko asks where the famous bridge is because she wants to see it . And she leaves immediately. Banri checks out the the stuff Koko has given him, finds the mirror, and thinks there’s  a mistake because he has a  mirror,just like it( which is broken ) He looks at the mirror , the mirror breaks, and BAM  !! !  He suddenly remembers everything ! ! ! He runs after  Koko,  meets the damn spirit, the spirit gives back the ring Banri is supposed to give to Koko,   sees Koko, shouts KOKOOOOOOOOOOO ! they kiss and hug and promise to be together forever.  The End.

What the F8xk ! !  That’s all ?

Here’s the thing….. I totally understand that  Banri  still loves Linda and wants to be with her. After all, they’ve been together since childhood, been classmates, and close confidants, and Linda has actually confessed to Banri that she loves him…  the author doesn’t need to make it supernatural and convoluted….. simply  write that Banri has  chosen to go back to his past and his true love  , and sorry, Koko,  I have loved you too, but Linda is the one I want to be with forever, and her answer to my confession the night of the accident was a YES ! So, I want to restart my future from there.   How easy is that?  It would make a lot more sense, and more drama , to watch Banri struggling to choose between his past and present life and love. We don’t need to suspend our disbelief that a person can actually forget the present by replacing it with the past, just because a spirit wishes it. If I have to analyze this clinically,   I can conclude  that the spirit is just his alter ego who wants Banri to leave Koko, renege on his promise to Koko that he will never leave her,  and go back to Linda. The spirit thing is just something to cover Banri’s change of heart, make him a sympathetic person , instead of a freaking asshole.

So okay, let’s say we accept the spirit is real. But does the ending have to be that rushed ? ” Who are you ? ”  Then the mirror breaks. In one instant, it’s Kokooooooo ! I love youuuuuu ! What the heck. Dude, do you also remember  what you just did to her ?

A better ending should have been Banri remembering little by little, one baby step at a time,  his love for Koko, and the way Koko loved him, and their promises to each other. He didn’t have this kind of relationship with Linda.

So that’s it. Waaaaaay too long, I know.

Anyway… I hope you get to watch Golden Time, and I hope that you can come  back here, and tell me what you think. Am I right or am I right.

Thank you reading. Tsk, waaaay too longGolden-Time

That’s Koko. The country bumpkin  right behind her is Banri, the girl in red jacket is Linda, and the tall handsome guy in black jacket  is Mitsuo.   Koko should have let go of banri, and find a better guy.  Koko is the most popular girl at school, and she’s so pretty guys are intimidated to approach her.  She is however oblivious t to all this .














39 thoughts on “Golden Time, 5/10

    1. Please do, lynlynsays. Then you come back here and tell me what you think ? I’m sorry that I’ve given the whole story, but it’s a 24 episode anime, so there are actually so many stuff that you can still watch that may change your mind. But I think knowing my take on the story, you get to pay attention to where my issues come from.

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      1. He had sex with that girl because he wanted her to feel attractive and sexy. What the heck ! He had dinner everynight with Megu to comfort her , because yeah, she felt lonesome. He knew it was wrong, that’s why he lied and lied and lied, telling Mei it was work. The fact is, he knew exactly where those dinners were going to lead to, sex. Is he so stupid people would believe him it was only free dinner? and why would he do that anyway ? He has a GF. Boyfriends don’t go to another girl’s house at night, every night, alone with her, to eat curry. Man, Mei is a doormat.

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  1. ugh putting the supernatural twist in the story does seem dumb. and i like supernatural anime! ah romance! i need my life to be like anime

    did you know that you can add the follow widget to your blog. just go to the customize button in your wp admin. ha ha 🙂

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      1. Sadness. Usually the widgets are in alphabetical order. But what do I know about how your admin is set up.
        It could be definitely set up different.
        Wp admin. Appearance. And then widget.
        From there alphabetical.


  2. Rushed endings can be lame, but it’s better than no ending at all (something that many animes suffer from.)

    Perhaps I would enjoy this show. I did like the memory loss romance story in Ef for example.


    1. The recall was split second. I swear. Koko knocks on the door, Banri is like, who are you, then Koko leaves right away, Banri looks thru the stuff, takes out the mirror , the mirror suddenly breaks, then he remembers. O_O Eh. Maybe I should check out the importance of the mirror.

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    1. More males are into animes because they are mostly of fantasy genre, with lots of battle scenes. And since they are drawn and animated, the creators can do just about anything. So thrilling to watch…..


  3. To be honest, I can’t really argue too much with that. The thing with amnesia is that it makes any kind of change in plot (or change in heart for the character) too convenient. The amnesia simply got in the way of the story in that it kept on resetting Banri’s damn memories. I sort of just accepted the decision Banri made, but I personally kiiinda preferred Linda T_T seeing as they had this whole relationship beforehand and I dunno it just seems like it went to waste :/ .

    I (as you probably gathered from the other comment) really enjoyed the anime – not so much the ending, but the way the relationahip develops between Banri and Koko, and generally the SOL aspect of the show. Pity you didn’t enjoy it. I was okay with the spirit Banri thing. I was surprisingly okay with spirit Banri tbh because when you see it as this sort of schizophrenia/amnesia/other mental disorders type of story I think it works quite nicely – the fear that present Banri has of losing is current self and what not. It’s wuite a sweet symbolic representation of the whole dilemma if you ask me.

    Sorry about the late comment btw, I’ve been pretty busy lately 😉 .


    1. I really don’t mind Banri choosing to be with Linda, even without this spirit thing.

      Unfortunately, I pity Koko. Despite her ” wordly appearance”, she’s actually very naïve and innocent, and doesn’t know the ways of the world. She holds on to a promise. Unfortunately , promises are meant to be broken. She gives her all to love, to the point she has become stalkish. After she has accepted that Mitsuou’s promise is null, void and pointless, here comes banri and his promise they’ll be together forever, and again, breaking it.

      I pity her because she in a way has been fooled by Banri, and Linda. Why didn’t they just come clean and explain the situation to her ? That spirit thing is baloney. The bottomline is, Banri just wants to be with Linda, and these two are emotionally cheating on Koko.

      I didn’t like the ending. Banri doesn’t deserve to be with Koko. The author should have made Koko walk away from Banri permanently, and let those two alone. Koko deserves better….. and deserve to be happy.


  4. I agree that there are some major issues with Golden Time. It was a real disappointment to me, because the light novel writer for it also wrote Toradora, which is my favorite or second favorite series. She tries to inject depth and fault into her characters (which she does), but the story doesn’t feel genuine for the reasons you gave and more. I didn’t like the spirit angle either, but the story could have gone that route and still been much better done. It felt like the author (and it might not be her – it could be the screenwriter and director for the series) really tried to jam all these elements together to create a story, rather than weaving one more naturally.


    1. I truly believe that spirit thing is just his alter ego, and he hasn’t really forgotten the present. I believe he’s only rationalizing to himself because he is about to do something bad…. dumping Koko. It’s all an act.

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