RWBY * a Wanime * ( Western anime )


Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here !

I’m surprised  I have not read any review of RWBY here on WordPress.  Is it because anime fans are purists who do not want to acknowledge any anime -like shows as  anime if they do not originate from Japan ?  That’s an unfortunate  attitude because RWBY is simply awesome, and in my humble opinion, has the most beautifully choreagraphed  combat scenes, bar none.  Yes, I say, bar none.  Just check out the trailer.



RWBY ( pronounced Ruby ) stands for Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang,  4 all-female members of a team that are studying to become Huntresses ( and Hunters ) at Beacon Academy, the most prestigious  school in Remnant , located in Vale , one of the 4 kingdoms that make up the world of Remnant.  Students at this school are  trained to combat the malevolent creatures called Grimms  .  ( Check out Wiki for summary ).




RWBY is an adventure and fantasy series whose plotline makes sense, and , more importantly, is grounded on Remnant’s reality.  At first, the 3-D animation of the characters  made me a bit skeptical that  the American developer, Rooster Teeth , could pull this off.   The way the characters ” walk ” does look awkward, as if their feet do not touch the ground……and the eye movements leave much to be desired. Thankfully,  the graphics got better. Besides, I didn’t expect  the graphics to look like Unchartered 4.


One other thing that  I love in RWBY is that it does not follow the anime trope of highly sexualized females, with jiggly , huge knockers, whose main objective is to get into the main guy’s pants.  I don’t get that obsession, but well, whatever floats one’s boat.  RBWY is only on Volume 4, so let’s see what happens.  To date, there is very little romance in the series, and I am fine with that . I hope the developers don’t fall into the pit of fanservice, and start showing  young , innocent  Ruby’s  underwear  every time she is in combat .


This is all for now.  I hope you can watch RWBY  if you haven’t yet. You can actually bingewatch on Rooster Teeth’s  YouTube channel.  The first 2 volumes are on Netflix’s roster, though I’m not sure if it’s still there.


I rate this 9/10.


Bye for now and thank you for reading.


14 thoughts on “RWBY * a Wanime * ( Western anime )

  1. I would rate the first two volumes up there, maybe as high as 8.356/11.765 (~7/10 on your scale). Mostly enjoyable with some really annoying lapses.

    The fight scenes are OK but inconsistent. Tell me you have a most awesome weapon and then have it behave inconsistently (from wiping out gazillion bad guys to unable to bring down a single bad guy even after multiple hits) and I’m not impressed. Also, there is a reason you don’t see drawings and painting of warriors from out own history fighting with sickles or right-angle swords. The reason is that while they may be good for cutting grass and swarms of gnomes, they are not worth much in a battle.

    The first two volumes had a semblance of an interesting plot, setting up things with intriguing possibilities.

    Volume three I would rate at 6.18/12.36 for even more inconsistent fights and for being all over the place with the plot. Also, there was an underlying love story, except they killed one-half of it at the end of volume three.

    Volume four is where the stuff the creators were smoking took hold and they dreamed they were doing a huge epic story; a story they wanted to introduce with a whole lot of episodes that went nowhere, likely invalidated previous stuff, and made no sense to me. Even then, I would have given them a pass for good dialogue and character interaction, but no . . . all they get is 3.78/13.82 and I’m being generous.

    I think volume five is out, but my desire to continue has dropped to 1.35/17.63. I might get back to it once all of Volume five is available, but if you had not posted this, I probably would have forgotten all about RWBY.

    By the way, I had written a review of sorts . . .

    Very brief and halfway down, and I also linked a couple of YouTube review of the series (in my opinion, excellent reviews — I almost enjoyed them more than the series).


    1. They will release Volume 5 Fall of 2017.

      I guess the later volumes flipped it for me. I ‘ve gotten used to the awkward graphics ( just the walking at this point ) and got to focus on the storyline.

      Well, it’s just like Superman able to turn the earth’s axis , but uses too much effort to stop an oncoming train.

      Actually, the survivors have not really finished their training when the Academy fell, and therefore have to combine all their powers to defeat the overpowered enemies. Take note, Ruby is about 14 years old, the youngest in the academy, and the rest are just freshmen, still teenagers.


      1. OK, that explains their immaturity, but not the inconsistencies in what they can do or the power of their weapons.

        Let me reiterate. I liked the first two volumes a lot. And that’s the problem; I had high hopes for the continuation of the story (there was a long lag between me watching the first two and the third).

        I judge shows I watch based on my desire to rewatch them. I’ll happily rewatch the first two volumes. I’m not that motivated in experiencing volumes three and four again.

        BUT . . . I can respect other people liking the entirety of the season.

        It could be I look at things from a different perspective because I do write fight scenes and have read a fair amount about real fights. I’m also hypercritical about plot and characters inconsistencies. That’s one thing I try very hard in my writing; characters acting smart (not necessarily as geniuses) and consistent to their strengths and weaknesses. I may not always succeed but I can spot flaws in movies and books I read.

        Anyway, if you like the series that much, DO NOT watch the review I linked below. In fact, you should blow that comment away so others don’t watch it.


      2. I also judge shows based on my desire to rewatch them. For example, Moribito is not a popular show, though I don’t know why it isn’t, and I’ve watched it maybe 5x. Engaged to the Unidentified ? Maybe a dozen times, and only because I like to hear the awful voice of one of the characters, Mashiro…. and the anime’s humor.


      3. The first anime series I ever watched was Claymore. It’s not even listed in the lists of best anime series out there (at least the ones I’ve seen).

        In the course of looking it up for this comment, I found the series on YouTube (subtitled). I had watched it dubbed. Anyway, it was the series that got me interested in Anime, but it also set the bar pretty high (for me).


      4. Ah, Claymore ! I have the complete manga series and dvd copies…. the problem with the anime of Claymore is … the usual, the developers didn’t finish it, and it always ticks me off when developers do that. That’s why I see to it I read the manga coz it has the proper and true ending. The developers made Full Metal Alchemist with a different ending . THe manga was still on-going. The developers had to make a reboot ( Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ) with the true ending.


      5. It’s been a while, but I though Claymore did end (as far as the 26 episodes were concerned) closing its arc. There may be more in the manga, but if just watching the shows, they came to a conclusion, not unlike most movies.


  2. By the way, here’s the review I mentioned. I would suggest skipping it if you really like the series as much as you do. For me, it helped clarify the narrative flaws that bothered me and I think helped me as a writer to be mindful of those same pitfalls.


    1. I’m pretty sure I got to watch this. I think I watched 2 links, including the link above.

      I guess each to his/her own preferences. There are animes that almost everyone loves , except yours truly. Ex: Snow White with Red Hair. It bored me to tears. Evangelion, which everyone believes is one of the greatest animes of all time. Meh.


  3. They probably don’t jiggle because the animation isn’t great. 😉 I kid! I kid!

    One of my friends really likes this series. I need to give it a chance one of these days. Whether it’s made in Japan or the West I don’t mind. Anime is cool and so are American cartoons.

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  4. RWBY is a severely underrated show. Fans of anime dismiss it because it’s Western, and those with something against anime because it’s an anime. But I don’t think anyone that actually got through the first volume disliked it.


    1. I almost dropped it myself, not because it’s western, but because I wasn’t used to the graphics. I have to admit that the story ( and the dialogue/script do have a very western feel to it…. maybe that’s the reason. It’s not Asian enough.


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