Happy 2017 !

Happy New Year, 2017, everyone !


I’m  sorry I haven’t posted for a while because   things have been insanely busy  the past few weeks. Besides that, I haven’t been watching any anime for a month or so, except the one that I’m currently watching, Mushi-shi. Guys, I don’t know if you’ve watched this anime……. it’s weirdly and eerily  beautiful.  I love it.

My brother also gave me a nice Christmas gift…. a PS4, Bloodborne , Spiderman, Doom video games, and  also bought me a Ratchet and Clank  1  remastered from PS Store, downloaded.  I have , of course  played all Ratchet and Clank series.  I’ve also started playing BloodBourne,  and guys, it’s  damn difficult.




So why a PS4 only now ?  Well, because I have PS3, and tons of PS3 games I haven’t even played yet. But I’m also planning to subscribe to PS4 Premium, that’s $ 60 a year subscription, which is all worth it, given the super discounts to games  for sale  in  the store  and, at least 2 free games a month. My problem is, do I even  have time to play  ?  And do I have time to watch animes ?  I will find time when Attack of Titan ‘s new season comes out….I’m sure of that. I’m also waiting for the second season of one of my all time favorites, Moribito, and I hope , also those of  Noragami’s Chivalry of the Failed Knight’s, Aoi Exorcist’s,  Full Metal Panic’s and Kamisama Hajimemashita’s  ( the manga ‘s about to end too,  one or two more chapters , yes ! )will come out soon.


If you’re interested to see my other posts, just click on  Renxkyoko’s Space above.


This is all for now.  Happy New Year !




16 thoughts on “Happy 2017 !

  1. Mushi-shi is very good. Genko!!. Nice and yeah bloodborne is difficult, it’s from the makers of dark souls. The game is known for its difficulty. Good post Ren!!

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    1. I watched my brother play Bloodbourne Game plus and the difficulty was, indeed, insane. But my brother knows how I play….. I’m a completionist, very patient and I don’t give up, ha ha ha. He says this game is right up my alley.

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    1. I wasn’t that eager to own a PS4 because I still have so many PS3 games that I haven’t played yet, even the ones that I bought for Christmas 2015 like Skyrim, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, and so many more. I started playing Skyrim, but this game is such a large open world I had to drop it, after playing it for 6 months.

      I’m waiting for God of War on PS4. and Persona 5.

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