Sunshine Blogger Award from Ryuji’s Anime Review

I’ve been given a Sunshine Blogger Award by Ryuji Tatsuya of Ryuji’s Anime Review….. a bit late, I know, but I’ve been busy , what with the Thanksgiving Day preparations and  all, at home and at work, with production  of our dairy products full steam ahead.  . Better late than never, right? However, I ‘m going to forego the rules and go ahead and answer  Ryuji’s  questions .


a) What was the first anime you ever watched ?  When I was a kid, I didn’t know anime existed. To me , they were all cartoons. Thinking back, Sailor Moon  could be the first. But I wasn’t a fan , though, because I was a Disney kind of kid, and I didn’t like  Sailor Moon’s graphics.


b) If you had to make one wish right now,what would it be ?  I’d wish for  my family’s good health and safety.


c) What is your favorite and least favorite anime ?  My favorite ? Right off the bat, it’s  Moribito.  I have  a lot of least favorite animes.  I like Ouran High School Host Club manga, but I totally dislike what they did to the anime. I don’t like Say I love You, either, because the male protagonist is a jerk. Also Itazura na Kiss. I’ll include Inuyasha because of Inuyasha.  SAO , too. because of Kirito.


d) Have you ever been in a really awkward situation ? If yes,tell us  about it.  Yes, but no, I won’t tell. It’s too embarrassingly awkward.  ^^”


e) Which anime death has been the most tragic to you ? Why ?  I have several, one of which is a video game character , and one is the death of a child in an anime….. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone who hasn’t played or watched the anime.


f) If you could order Season 2 of anyone anime, which one would it be ?  I’d say Chivalry of a Failed Knight and Noragami.


g) Do you have any anime crush ? If yes, what do you like about him/her ?    Let me think….. hmmm… I think I like Ikki Kurogane  of Chivalry of a Failed Knight.  He’s pure- hearted, loyal, faithful, strong, kind-hearted, patient, determined and faithful. Did I just write faithful again ? .  This guy is perfect.


h) Have you ever turned any friend into an Otaku ?  No, because  I keep this a secret from friends.  I am the one who’s been turned into an anime/ manga fan and a avid video game player… by my older brother. He’s done being an anime/manga fan, but still a hard core player.


i)  How’s your experience in blogging so far ?  My blogging has certainly evolved, but to be honest, I ‘m running out of topic to blog about.


Well, that’s it.  Again, thank you for the award, Ryuji.


And thank you for reading guys .














11 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award from Ryuji’s Anime Review

  1. Take each series you have, identify the animators, directors, writers, pick what you liked and hated about the series, and create an Anime Fantasy Series; one that is all good stuff, one that is all bad stuff.

    In between, write about your criteria for animation, for directing, for story telling.

    Also create characters you love to love, love to hate, hate to love, hate to hate and explain why.

    . . . that should keep you busy for a few hours of blogging.


    1. Link the articles you write here over there.

      If you want original content, food is popular. Next, entertainment. Next gadgets . . . write about a gadget that facilitates eating food while watching TV.

      Or, write about all the things that would simplify your life but have yet to be invented.

      Or, make up stuff. Alert the world of the impending squirrel invasion . . . everyone will go nuts.


      1. I did the opposite… I reposted 2 or 3 posts from the other blogsite to here.

        Food…… I can do that. Maybe post some doable, simple and less intimidating delicious recipes for the readers, such as recipes for the lazy cooks…. and for those who are clueless, lol. ( Some recipes posted on WP are very intimidating, like , seriously ? He he ) there are also some dishes that look amazing in pictures, but , actaually taste aaaargh. There was a recipe that I thought looked so easy to make, but I had doubts. It was pasta with tomato sauce, and toasted Italian breadcrumbs on top. No meat, nothing, except the breadcrumbs. I knew it would taste awful, but I trusted the foodie blogger. Anyway, I cooked the pasta, and gagged . I threw it away without letting anyone taste it. It tasted embarrassingly awful. Just imagine, pasta in tomato sauce and toasted breadcrumbs on top.


  2. Congrats on the award Ren!!! (even if I am late -_-). When inspiration hits you, it’ll hit you hard. Don’t rush writing, other wise the quality of your posts get hit pretty hard. Writing for the sake of writing can make blogging no fun. Enjoy it no matter what :). Noragami 2nd season is just brilliant!!. It builds on the first and out does it imo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What ! What ! Noragami is already out ? Where can I see it ?

      I’m afraid though that our sweet female protagonist will be eased out this season…. she barely has any role on last few episodes. How sad. I hope it won’t be like that on this new season.

      Liked by 1 person

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