Sunshine Blogger Award from Matt -in- the Hat


Hello ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


I’ve been awarded The Sunshine Blogger Award by Matt-in-the Hat. I promised I’d respond to the questions as soon as I can, so here it is,  and thank you, Matt-in-the Hat.


  1. What is your favorite food and why?


I  eat anything on the table.  However, I think  it would be easier to write about  the kind of food that I will never ever eat ……   strange and bizarre foods, such as dog meat,  snake meat,  insects,frogs….. no way I’m ever going to eat that stuff.

  1. If you could have any super power, what would it be?


Well, I  don’t like to fly like Superman…. I have fear of heights.  I don’t want to have power to read minds and foretell the future.  That would scare me.  I’d rather not know, thank you very much. I think  I want to be super intelligent ?

  1. Do you have a specific song that describes your personality or your life?

To be honest,  I don’t pay attention to the lyrics.   I just want to listen  to the melody.  To me, song =  melody. Music=melody   .   That’s why I don’t like rap.

  1. Do you have a fictional character that inspires you? If not, do you have a real-life person you look up to?

No fictional character inspires me because,  it’s fictional.  However I do look up to 2  real life persons and yes, they happen to be from the Philippines…  Dr. Jose Rizal,  the Philippine National hero, and  Benigno  Aquino,  a Filipino Senator who was assassinated  on orders , allegedly, by the former Philippine  President and dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

What is one movie you can never get tired of seeing again?

I’ve seen  The Exorcist, While You are Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, My Cousin Vinny and Independence Day  a million times….

  1. Have you ever got attached to a show/movie/anime/book so much that it affects you emotionally?

I  got attached to a manga Ao Haru Ride, not because it was  a great  story, but  it  had become  too contentious between me  and a few readers  at the forum due to differences of opinions.

  1. What is your pet peeve and why?

Tardiness, but it’s just a pet peeve.  No biggie.

  1. Do you follow a trend like everyone else when a fad shows up or do you not participate?

I may or may not follow  a trend.

  1. Ever thought of doing something you wanted to do but you couldn’t because of some particular reason?

I  can’t think of any at the moment.

  1. Do you have a favorite color that symbolizes you?


I love aquamarine and red,  but I don’t think  these 2 colors  mean anything to me.  I just know I look good in them.

  1. Have you ever read or watched a story and you hated the ending?

Oh, goodness……  hundreds of stories,  like  the endings of Inuyasha, Ao haru Ride,  and  Say You Love Me.  The main girls end up with jerks.


This is it.  Again, thank you for the award, Matt-in the- Hat  ! !



12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award from Matt -in- the Hat

  1. Congratulations on your award😉
    Hee hee you and your dislike of Inu-yasha! (I cry every time I hear kikyo and his love song😭) But just think of Sessohamaro ok? He is much better!
    Oh guess what I was watching? A trailer for a live action Full Metal Alchemist!
    It looks good.
    I tried to post here but I’m useless!😞
    Oh did you see the trailer for Ghost in the Machine? 😲

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, right ! I heard about a live action of Full Metal Alchemist !

      Hey, did you mean, Ghost in the Shell ? Yes, I heard there was going to be a Hollywood version of it.

      Kagome, kagome, kagome ! Kikyo is so sly .


      1. Yes. “Sci Fi fans will love this movie!” That is what the review the for Ghost in The Shell said! I laughed. The opposite is happening. Fans are angry because Scarlett Johansson was cast! The effects are awesome, and it was filmed shot for shot out of the anime but it’s cast wrong!😞
        No Kikyo! Kikyo isn’t whiny! 😂
        Ah I’m just bugging you!


  2. I was expecting you to say that boiled eggs are your favorite food. The last question is tough to answer as so many anime shows have terrible finales.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Are you eating lots of food?😍I’m jealous! 😂
    So I was trying to watch some new anime on my vackay. Sweet mother of pink, I think I got too picky in my old age! Either the storyline was so boring, or I kept comparing it to my faves, or the style of the anime just made me cringe!
    I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
    Have you ever watched RWBY?😲 The proof I am too judgy and picky is by watching that anime!


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