My Favorite Romance Animes

I’ve read so many posts about  other  bloggers’ favorite animes so  I guess it’s time for me to write about my own favorites.  But I’ll limit this to romance genre  for now, especially those that  I’ve watched  2 or more times.


Here they are:


a)  Chivalry of a Failed Knight  –watched 4x

This has all the elements that I like in an anime.  The combat scenes are seriously awesome, and the main protagonist is not overpowered. He is, in fact, the weakest at his school, ( a top academy for magic wielders called Blazers )with an F-Ranking,  and gets by only thru sheer determination and will power,  and loads of practice.  This is also not a harem , and definitely there’s no fanservice despite  the yuuge boobs galore.  The MC is in a relationship with a girl who has an A- ranking. There are no girls trying to get in his pants, ( although there is an attempt at incest  due to   his younger sister’s brother complex  )  and everyone has integrity (  except the obvious villains who are, ironically, the MC’s own family. ). At the end of the first season, he wins The Seven Star Sword Festival , is given the honor to represent his school  at  the most prestigious  magic tournament  in Japan (   second season  ) and  he proposes to his girlfriend  in public.  I rate this 10/10

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry light novel volume 1 cover.jpg

b)  Engaged to the Unidentified –watched this  4 x


This is about a HS girl ( Konebi ) who gets told she is engaged , on her 16th birthday.  Not only is she engaged, her new fiancé, Hakuya,  and his 10 year old sister, Mashiro , will live with her and her family and go to her school. Hakuya is the cliché childhood friend, but Konebi has forgotten him due to an accident when she was  young.

What makes this  anime stand out is  that almost everyone is nice  and funny….. Mashiro , the little sister, and Benio, Konebi’s older sister are specially   hilarious.  I rate this 10/10.



c)  Hiiro no Kakera— watched 3x

The story is supernatural  (  I’ve already written about it, check it out here), and romance is slow but sure.  I rated this 10/10.


d)  Full Metal Panic — watched it 2x



Above photo is my box set copy  ( with 8 dvds, a complete collection  ) of Full Metal Panic.

Synopsis from Wiki:

The story is about Sousuke Sagara, who is a member of a covert private anti-terrorist organization called Mithril, and who has been tasked to protect Kanome Chidori , a feisty high school girl  whom the organization know as one of the Whispered ( whatever that is ),  a power that is also  much sought – after by people with nefarious motives.

FMP  is also of Mecha and Comedy  genre,  but  is basically Romance , and in fact, the series’ theme, according to the author , is  Fighting Boy Meets Girl.  However,  there’s a love triangle that goes on here  , an element in a story  that  annoys me  to no end.  The other girl, another Whispered, and a colleague /senior  of Sagara  in the organization,  is very open  with her affection for Sagara, and tries hard for him to like her back. There’s a point in the series where  I thought Sagara ‘s feelings  for Chidori waver.  But I don’t think so.  Sagara  has zero experience in romance department, and doesn’t quite know how to react to confessions and other girls’ obvious  come-ons. .  At the end of the story,  he’s all about Chidori….. the hardened , battle -tested, brave Sagara   that, for the first time, when  he believes he is about to die,   cries that he doesn’t want to die because he wants to be with Chidori.  So, okay, I was suppose it give it  a rank of  7/10,  but changed my mind and gave it a 9/10.  Sagara is  kind-hearted  and pure , despite being a girl – magnet.


e)  Kotoura-san—watched this 3x.


Haruka Kotoura  is a high school girl who has the ability to read minds. As a youngster, her tendency to blurt out what’s on someone’s mind  has caused her parents to divorce (  she tells her Dad in her Mom’s presence that he’s going to meet his secretary  at a hotel ) , and her friends to dislike and resent her .  Because of this, she decides to never associate with others because it gets her into trouble.  Her mother also abandons her and it’s her ultra – rich grandfather who takes care of her.  In High school, she meets a classmate Yoshihisa  Manabe who later falls for her. He is a kind – hearted,  dimwitted boy who is a bit of a pervert,  and who teases Haruka by letting her read his perverted thoughts.  This is a funny, charming, and refreshing anime  and I so love Haruka I’m giving it a 9/10.

Ep03 20



Honorable Mention goes to Kamisama Hajimemashita ( Kamisama Kiss ), Noragami, Norn9, Yakumo, the Psychic Detective, Rin-ne, Snow White with the Red  Hair, S. A.,  Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.


I know there are classic romance animes, such as Clannad, Your Lie in April,  Angel Beats, Say I Love You, Ao Haru Ride,  Itazura na Kiss,  Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Golden Time,  Toradora,  Nisekoi,  The World is Still beautiful, Orange,  Inuyasha, Honey and Clover, Inu xBoku, Nozaki-kun,  Kimi ni Todoke, My Love Story, One Week Friends, Ouran  High School Host Club, Wolf Girl and Black Prince……. but I have not included these animes  because, issues.   I will write about these   soon. I have in fact already written about some of my issues here.  Check out my posts on Say I Love You, Ouran High School Host Club, Inuyasha,  Sword Art Online  and Golden Time.  Click on  RenxKyoko’s Space  at the top.


This is all for now.   Thank you for reading.






















22 thoughts on “My Favorite Romance Animes

  1. Will see if I can find them (without blowing any money but legally).

    BTW, I mean to ask if you’ve watched RWBY. I like it and it does have a few (slight) romantic underpinnings. Lots of decent action, nefarious plots, awesome and likable characters.

    Although, I just finished watching Season 3 and was not too happy about the fate of some of the characters. Season 4 will release on October 22.

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    1. I’ve watched RWBY ! It’s one of the first anime that I’ve watched on Netflix…… and yes, I like it, as well. I didn’t include it coz I didn’t feel any romance between any of the two major characters. I’ll check it out.


    2. Netflix only has seasons 1 & 2. You can find all the episodes for Season 3 on YouTube.

      If you have not seen Season 3, I won’t spoil it. If you have watched it, I also found a few interesting reviews of the series (so far) on YouTube.

      Like I said, some of the Season 3 stuff, while “realistic” I did not like, but overall I am kind of hooked on the series. Might even spring a few $$ and buy it, including Season 4 when it comes out on the 22nd.

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      1. Yeah, I noticed. They are . . . what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah . . . rear orifices.

        RWBY is on YouTube, although you have to watch one episode at a time. If you have not seen Season 3, you should watch it . . . then let me know what you think.

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      2. Watching it on YouTube …….. it’s American….. the script is American too, the jokes, as well. There’s nothing Asian in the dialogue.

        But so far so, very good.


      3. I finally finished watching RWBY.

        Wow ! This one is good ! I remember I hated the animation, but rewatching it changed my feelings about it. Though I still think the animation s*cks, ( it does take getting used to ) the story , the plot, the combat scenes ( most especially the combat scenes, ) are one of the best I’ve seen so far, that first combat of ruby and the robbers , and the first scene of Volume 4 with Ruby again and the grimms.

        There’s not much romance , of course, and I feel the supposed romance between Pyyrha and Jaune looks awfully contrived. And for a while there, I have to question who exactly is the main character, Ruby or Pyyrha. Not only that, it seems Pyyrha even gets some loving. All the while, I thought the pair would be Ruby and Jaune. And I feel Pyyrha is not the strongest student there, not to mention she’s not in the title, ( Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang …RWBY ), so why does she get chosen, instead of Ruby ? I suspect Oz knows that Ruby is powerful enough ( and maybe knows her power can surpass even the maiden’s , which means Pyrrha’s, even if she’s the one to possess it.)

        I feel bad that Yang loses an arm. Well, I’m sure she’ll get a new one.

        I can’t wait to watch Vol. 4 . If I would rate this, I’d rate this 10/10.


      4. Let me state again that I liked the series, but mostly because of the characters.

        The plot has some huge holes in it, and the story itself . . . let’s just say I’m not sure there is one. It feels very much like they are writing scenes for stuff that they would like to see but they don’t seem to know how to tie it to a cogent and flowing story.

        The most frustrating thing for me is not being able to figure out anything about what’s going on. That’s just bad storytelling.

        The other thing that bothers me is the way their powers work. The rules seem to constantly change. For instance, Yang should not have been able to lose her arm. And when Ruby punches one of her captors, she does no damage, but in many other examples, she kicks butt without the use of her special weapon. The girl with the sunglasses is seen as super-powerful in one scene, and then, later on, not so much.

        Other stuff too, like when those jerks were pulling on the ears of the fawn girl. What the hell? Why didn’t anyone step in to help her? How did those jerks even make it into the academy? Won’t they just turn out to be abusive Huntsmen?

        pAnyway, I’m getting myself worked up. like I said, I like the series and want to see where it goes, but I’m steeling myself for disappointment because I’m not sure these guys can write themselves out of a paper bag and seem to rely on blind acceptance of everything they feed us.

        If you want to watch something that captures much of what I disliked about the series, take a look at the review below.

        I warn you that the guy is pretty brutal. He is on point, but brutal. As far as I can tell from his earlier reviews, he’s a bit like me; he likes the series, but expects a bit more discipline and craft from the creators. It was a very informative review because it helped me as a writer see things in a different perspective when I write stuff. In fact, I wish he would read my stuff and tear it apart the same way.

        Still, unless you are prepared to being told certain things, I would skip these . . .

        Review of Volume 1 (the guy is using a weird voice here – that goes away in the other reviews):

        Review of Volume 2:

        Review of Volume 3:

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      5. Whoa ! ! ! Darn it, I finished listening and watching the 3 reviews, then went to sleep, and didn’t get to read any post. T.T

        The reviewers really took it apart…. wow. I have stopped making sense out of anime a long time ago. The others are far, far worst, if you asked me.

        Another thing that I don’t like in this anime ( besides the weird eye movements and the way they walk ) is the female characters’ Valley Girl accents. ( but then , they’re teenagers )

        And yes, I also noticed the inconsistency of their powers. Their weapons can slice through anything, but can barely kill off even the small Grimms. And their guns ! ! How come they are so ineffective ? * shakes head *

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      6. . . . I did say that it was brutal . . .

        One thing; I don’t own the DVDs, but even if I did, it would be a rare thing indeed that I would listen to the commentary.

        I don’t because if the movie did not sell itself to me, there’s nothing anyone can say that will change my opinion. If anything, it would likely lower my opinion.

        That said, the commentary quoted in the reviews made me think the creators are . . . well, I want to be charitable . . . screw it; they come across as full of themselves and of the opinion they are really really good at what they do. And that’s even as their words prove the exact opposite.

        I still like the series, and I will watch the 4th Volume, but whereas I was planning to buy it, I will now wait. I can’t stand the thought I’d be giving money to those guys.

        Now, if they step it up a bit . . . if, let’s say, they would watch these reviews and learn from them, then I would retroactively buy the whole series. I’m not holding out much hope. Right now, I just hope they don’t piss me off any more than they did in Volume 3.


      1. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t get past the animation. It took me an awful time to get used to it.

        There’s a name for this …. Americanime ?


  2. Chivalry of a Failed Knight sounds like something I might enjoy. It’s cool that a fourth season of Full Metal Panic is being made after all this time. The previous three series were very good.


    1. Each to his her own, but I have a feeling you will like Chivalry… I’m 100 % sure Chivalry is not done yet….. there;s still the nationwide tournament and the very last part of the last episode has an intriguing scene.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was very heartwarming . I think the romance was paced rather nicely. Yeah, it’s often overlooked. Do you read manga at all? I have a feeling Ranma 1/2 would be up your alley. It’s another fun romance series with plenty of hilarious moments. It has alot of chapters, but they each kind of stand alone so you can read at your own leisure.


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