Ouran High School Host Club Manga, 10/10….. Ouran HSHC Anime, 0/10

I had  a bit of an interesting conversation  re Ouran High School Host Club anime  with  another WP blogger.  Since the conversation  was on the Comment Section, I was not able to convey  my opinion clearly,  so I have decided  to post about my thoughts on this manga /anime.

Please read the synopsis on Wikipedia.

Take note…..I am more a manga reader than an anime fan….. see photo above.I’m not going to  debate on which is better, manga or anime. To me,  I prefer to watch an  action /fantasy  anime  rather than the manga original, for obvious reason.  However, I do prefer to ” read “shoujo romance manga.

Regarding OHSHC,  if I had to rate the anime  vs  manga,  I”d give  the anime  a big fat Zero  and the manga , 10/10. You may ask, why the large disparity, Ren ?  First off,  the manga  shows character development for , well, each character. It also shows how   Tamaki’s feelings   have grown, from  “love of a  father to a  daughter” to  realization that  these feelings   have been  romantic love all along.  In the anime, none of this development is  shown.  The whole anime is  just an anime of outrageous  silliness and hilarity.

So, okay, the anime is shallow, but it’s forgivable,  but what I find federal is  that the ending  has been brutally altered ! !


Let me explain…


In the anime,  Tamaki’s grandmother  orders  him to  cease all his host activities, and his ” growing ” closeness to Haruhi,  a poor scholarship student in Ouran HS, a school for the ultra rich.  Meanwhile….  Tamaki’s parents are separated. His mother is French who works as a housemaid in a noble French household . When Tamaki was 14 years old, his father brought him to Japan to live with him. Tamaki happens to be the sole heir  of the Souh  family.  The French mother is merely his father’s mistress .   His mother  often talks  about her son Tamaki to Eclair, the daughter of her employer. Éclair becomes curious  and fascinated about Tamaki , and comes to Japan and tells Tamaki  he can see his mother again  if he marries her. (  Tamaki is forbidden   to see his mother , ever. ) The grandmother is agreeable to the engagement… and a party is given for this event. All is friends are invited , including  Haruhi. The friends  assure Haruhi  Tamaki will not allow himself to get engaged , because he loves Haruhi. Wrong.  Tamaki himself announces his engagement  and  that he  will go with his fiancée to France where they will marry.  ( and to see his mother )


Here is my problem with this scenario. . Eclair is beautiful and rich, and during the party  she corners him in an empty room, and they make out. After some time, they emerge from the room and tamaki  announces his engagement.  And not only that,  Eclair stays overnight at his house. Now,  for shoujo romance veteran readers, when a girl  is shown taking a shower ,  and a guy is also in the room , just the two of them,  it is implied that they have already slept together.   End of  scene.


What  pissed me off is that the personaliy of this bunch of characters, most especially Tamaki,  is  that of fun-loving , loyal, and innocent  group of boys  with integrity.  How can Tamaki  willingly agree to marry  another girl  whom he has just met , just so he can see his mother again ? He’s 18,  no one can stop him to see his mother if he wants to. He doesn’t have to  abandon the girl he loves  to marry a girl just to see his mother. That is the ultimate shallow reason to marry.  Or is it ?  maybe he  actually liked what he saw ( Eclair ) and  what she gave him. ( sex ) After all, Eclair is beautiful , sexy and rich. Win-win. The anime ends with Haruhi following Eclair and tamaki  to the airport, and convinces him he doesn’t have to do this.  Last scene is Haruhi dancing with her friends, reminiscent of Boys Over Flowers ( Hana Yori Dango ),another manga quite similar to OHSHC.


In the manga,  though the grandmother  doesn’t want  Tamaki to get close to Haruhi, and wants him to stop his school activities…..  Eclair  doesn’t exist in the manga. Tamaki’s mother is in France, yes, but  she’s a piano teacher, not a housekeeper,  and though she has a rare disease, she’s  being treated with an experimental drug  that  Tamaki’s father’s company   will manufacture  , if treatment is successful.  His parents are separated  because his father’s too weak to defy the grandmother. And they are actually married.


There’s a bit of a rivalry with a new transfer student , who looks like Haruhi.  She starts to like tamaki because he saves her from an accident (  shoujo cliché , sheesh ) , and clings to Tamaki, but Tamaki is nice enough not to spurn her obvious  affection (  Tamaki is also dense ) and  at this point, he is trying to obey his grandmother about not getting close to Haruhi (  temporarily just to appease his grandmother ) When the girl finally confesses, Tamaki is shocked and quickly rejects her.  He cannot even imagine himself being with another girl. He is at this point, hopelessly in love and obsessed  with Haruhi  . So much has happened after this… It’s tamaki’s French mother who comes to Japan, then  Haruhi is finally accepted by Tamaki’s family,  and has been given an opportunity by Tamaki’s father to finish high school in the US, all expenses paid….. she accepts, , with Tamaki’s enthusiastic encouragement, not knowing that he will go with her , and later, finds  the whole gang also go to the US to study, and  reside  in the same apartment complex. Tamaki and Haruhi  live in one apartment.  Back in Japan,  Haruhi  studies law, and get married while still students.


Tamaki so loves Haruhi that he cries at their wedding. Look at the picture.


Husband Tamaki still acts like a child.

There’s even a scene where Tamaki is waiting to be picked up by Haruhi, at the airport café , (  from US business trip ) and he looks as if he’s reading a business newspaper, and everyone is admiring his good looks,  then Haruhi arrives, and sees  him reading a supermarket sale, then Tamaki tells her  they should stop by the supermarket  to buy soy sauce which is on sale.  d( ^_^d )


This is why  the ending of  the anime is an outrage .

1033 words……  if you’ve reached this part,  a big virtual hug from me. Thank you for reading.











19 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Manga, 10/10….. Ouran HSHC Anime, 0/10

  1. I do understand the frustration between the transition of manga to anime. As they don’t depict the true scene or element found in the manga. And anime studios insert their own ending, which can ruin the series.

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  2. When anime diverges from the source material things rarely go well. I think this may have happened because the manga finished years after the anime was made. I watched a couple of episodes from the show and dropped it. Perhaps I will give the comic a chance.

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    1. That’s true. The manga was first published in 2002, and ended in 2010. The anime was shown in 2006 for 6 months. There’s news there’s going to be a second season. I’m sure they’ll follow the manga story from the engagement arc….. problem, I won’t be able to look at Tamaki the same way again.

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  3. Not much for hugs, real of virtual. As for divergence from written to visual, nothing new there, not even the complete reinterpretation of the original story and/or plot and/or characters.

    There are good reasons for this, but not for going so far in the outfield as to no longer be in the ballpark. That said, I’ve also seen movies that were better than the original written work, so it can go both ways.

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    1. I’d watched a movie that had been adapted from a book, and the adaptation was so awful the sale of the rest of the books ( Eragon is a 5 series novel ) plummeted. . I’ve read all 5 books.

      Another book that I’ve read that is so, so much better than the movie adaptation is Hunt For Red October by Tom Clancy.


    2. We differ on HFRO. I thought the book was a lot better. Actually, they were both good, but if you read the book, the movie went a different tack, changing the motivation, character interaction, and plot. Having read the book, that annoyed me a bit (I was younger then). For one thing, I don’t think Connery pulled off the character, and I got pissed off at a character dying in the movie when they did not in the book.

      A movie that was so far off as to be nothing like the book, is “I, Robot”.

      On the other end of the scale, Lord of the Ring worked very well as a movie even though the adaptation differed slightly from the books.

      The Hobbit, on the other hand, was pretty bad and was more of a showcase for CGI than actual story-telling.

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      1. Hey, we didn’t differ in HFRO. We both think the book is much better than the movie.
        Reading Hunt for RO was like watching a movie on my mind, the feeling was exciting and thrilling, and the reader gets to know the thoughts of the protagonists.

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    1. On the OHSHC manga forum, no one likes the anime . Every one knows the anime developers just want to put in some fanservice.

      I hope they can remake OHSHC with the right ending, just like how Full Metal Alchemist was remade with the true ending. That’s always a problem when an anime is made while the manga is still on-going. In OHSCH, they made the anime 4 years before the manga ended.

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  4. It’s always tough for a shoujo anime. (Well, most shounen anime continue or have a higher chance of continuing.) Do you come up with your own ending and make it non-canon, or do you just end it and have a non-conclusion?

    That being said, the ending was a disappointment, but the anime outdid the manga in several ways. It’s been a while since I’ve read either, but in the first twin-focused episode, anime Haruhi knows they’ve switched identities at the end. Manga Haruhi is more unsure. Renge fit in nicely in a couple of episodes. The lightbulbs were artistically awesome in episode 1. The voices and the animation deserve at least a couple of points! The manga I also felt like the second half dragged on a little long. The first half I read constantly, the second not so much.

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  5. The anime will always outdo the manga in so many points , I have to agree on that. Number one… the characters move, they are ” alive”, we hear them speak, emote, etc., and animes are colorful, whereas the manga is flat, it’s in black and white….. there’s only so much a manga illustrator can do .

    Let’s say they make a second season…… and attempt to follow the manga story from then on…. how now can they present Tamaki daydreaming and being delusional about Haruki ( in the most hilarious and child- like way ) when before that, he has seriously , intentionally and in the most cold – hearted manner, already thrown Haruhi under the bus, and willingly agreed to marry a random girl just to see his mother,( which he can actually do anytime he wants to) ? That is marriage we are talking about here. Is he the type of person who will try to renege on his vow and promise to marry , get away from Éclair , and go back to Haruhi ? With Tamaki’s personality, I don’t think so. This manga is not the kind where they can revert him back to what he used to be. It’s Game Over.


    1. The anime doesn’t have a 2nd season, I think. It ends right there at first season where main girl ( sorry I’ve forgotten the name ) prevents main guy from leaving Japan with that French girl.

      The manga itself is completed already. The ending of the manga is when they get married.

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      1. i read the manga although i`m still not finish but the anime is still the same with the manga it just made it shorter in anime the scenes in the episodes were on the different chapters and volumes in the manga and i think they will make a season 2 in anime (its just my opinion though)

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      2. I’m 100% sure Lady Éclair, the French girl, does not exist in the manga……. also, the mother is not a maid in her household , but a piano teacher in the place where she resides.

        When the anime was made, the manga wasn’t finished yet, so I guess they had to make up another story. And as expected of animes, they added some fanservice, like intimate moments between Tamaki and Lady Éclair, and without being obvious about it, Tamaki stayed the night with her.

        You can check out some write -ups about that…… like the differences between the manga and anime.

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