Kuromukuro, just like Inuyasha ?

I’m not motivated to post anything here when no one is reading this anyways,  except a few , and  I do appreciate it,  guys… you know who you are.

Anyway,  I’m not posting to be emo or whatnot.  I’m just musing.

I’m running out of  good animes to watch, seriously. I guess it’s my fault ?  I’ve limited myself to animes with  zero fanservice. The problem is, developers  have decided to put in this kind of stuff in the mistaken belief that this is what majority of anime fans desire.  They are wrong. A lot fans , like myself , have had enough of this cr*p. If  showing  humungous boobs and panty shots  drives the story forward, fine.  If they are just there to tittilate  the libido of male fans,  I think  they are doing the anime industry a great disservice.

Enough of that….

Kuromukuro Promotional Poster.jpg


I just re- watched Kuromukuro  on Netflix  last night… my 4 th time, in fact.  For the summary,  it’s  right there on Wikipedia . Suffice it to say, it’s of mecha genre,  with little or no romance in it, as of yet,  and if  romance ever comes in the near future,I’m not sure   it will go where I want it to go.  It does give me a nagging Inuyasha vibe, where for more than  half of the episodes, no, erase that, up to the last current episode, the male MC, Konnusuke, does nothing but pine for his princess , Yukihime, ( and exact revenge for  her death 450 years ago, and the destruction of his clan by ” ogres ” ) , while a cute , and almost the exact replica of Princess Yukihime, Yukina,   is right under his nose…….  much like Inuyasha  still having the hots for his dead lover what’s-her-face,(  who’s been brought to life, dammit,) almost up to the end of the series,   while the living , kindly  Kagome  suffers a painful, unrequited love. Will Yukina meet the same fate ?  No matter, there’s Yukina’s classmate  who will follow her to the ends of the earth. I don’t mind Yukina ending with him. He’s a good guy.

I can’t say anything about the rest of the plot, most especially the battles between the aliens and the humans. I have no idea what makes a great battle.    If I enjoy it, that’s good enough for me.  And there’s mystery enough to keep the anime going.  Unfortunately, Netflix  has gotten the rights  to air this anime, and calls it a Netflix Original, and that means,  we will most likely watch the rest of the episodes a year from now,  darn it.  Yep, Netflix will dump the rest of the episodes on us in one go, and we’ll binge watch, as expected. Netflix  is  well known for binge – watching, isn’t it ?   Unfortunately for Netflix,  YouTube has the episodes up to 22 * smirks * and , you bet I got to watch it.

I have a feeling  my ship ( Kennosuke x Yukina ) will not sail.  Ken’s feelings for his Princess Yukihime ,( and now for Muetta who emerges as Yukihime’s clone in the 21st century ) are just too strong. She’s his sole  reason for living.   Okay, that’s a spoiler,  but that’s as far as I go.

Don’t be sad, Yukina, Ryota loves you.

I can’t wait for what will happen next.  The aliens reveal they have actually scattered ” seeds” / human DNA’s of the people they have captured 450 years ago. Yukina  looks exactly like the Princess. Could she be….. ???

Come to think of it, there are so much parallelisms between  Inuyasha and Kuromukuro.  It is implied that Kagome is the descendant of Inuyasha’s dead  ex. and most likely,  Yukina  and  the Princess have the same DNA.  And both male protagonists have rivals waiting in the wings,  and Kennosuke goes to the  modern day era,  while Kagome  goes back hundreds of years ago,    to Inuyasha’s time.

It’s also fun to watch how kennosuke adjusts his life , from an 17 th century samurai to being comfortable with computers and tablets and smart phones…. not to mention GPS.


This is all for now.  Watch out for a continuation.  I’m rating this 5/10, for now,  because I am annoyed at Kennosuke.”  I’m going to avenge the death of my Princess “!!!!  Oh, shut up.









29 thoughts on “Kuromukuro, just like Inuyasha ?

  1. I’ve often wondered about Japanese men. I presume they are the primary target for the fan service (I had to look that up when I started watching anime and was reading reviews). I’ve seen a few shows that I thought had strong characters and a decent plot and had some fan service. That said, if I start watching anything and the first ten minutes are nothing but gratuitous shots, it gets turned off.

    Unfortunately, the first anime I watched was Claymore and I mistakingly assumed that was the level of anime production, story, and character arc.

    I have about 20 shows queued up on Netflix, but I’ve not rushed to watch them. A few, I started and dumped based on my criteria for characterization, action, and plot. Most of what I try watching never makes it past the first show. One that I’ve watched and am waiting for the second season is “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

    I had high hopes for Gunslinger Girl but the plot quickly got to the uninteresting zone and the characters left the reasonable zone.

    I’ve watched one of the Arise (looks like a sequel to Ghost in the Shell) and it was passable, if a little disjointed. I noticed they removed Samurai Champloo from streaming and is only available on DVD right now, so I I’ve not finished watching it, but I liked what I saw.

    Rurouni Kenshin is another that started strong but went south pretty quickly. I’ll watch a few more episodes, but I have the feeling I’ll be losing interest.

    The one you mention above is on my list, but I can’t stand the same things you mention, so I don’t know that I’ll even start it.

    We’ll see.

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      1. KimmieKawaii, I wrote a post about Gunslinger Girl. I don’t have any sidebar nor even a Follow feature on this blogsite. But you can click Renxkyoko’s Space above, and all my posts will appear.
        Maybe that post will help you to decide whether you want to watch it or not.


      2. The action is OK, and the premise is acceptable . . . the problem (for me) is the interaction of the characters, or rather, the development of the characters as they interact. I rather they would have concentrated more on the action side of the premise, or at least made the characters consistently capable, both in their skills and in their abilities to relate to others. In other words, it’s made-up drama and pathos. But, that’s just me.

        Here’s ren’s write-up.


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      3. Go to the top right, you’ll see a box with three lines. Click that, its the menu button for this blogs theme. Gunslinger girl has an interesting premises, young girls that are trained to be assassins. There are two seasons of it, sadly I’ve only seen one and that was a long time ago.

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      4. Thank you for the link Rocco. All I can say Ren is WOW. I had no idea either that the children were “remains,” either. There was nothing in the summary I read on Netflix about that. That’s pretty gruesome. I’m not against violent anime for the purpose of the story but with elementary kids? Yeah, idk if this is something I’d be into watching.

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      5. K-K, try it….. I gave it a 9/10 , I think ? But, I have to admit it’s pretty depressing….. it’s not that violent, really, it’s just so….. kids , you know ? T.T


    1. Inuyasha is like our family anime, everyone in our family loves it. My sister started watching kuromukuro and she noticed that they were quite similar.

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      1. Inuyasha is a good anime…… but I don’t think I can watch it again. I don’t want to see Inuyasha pining for the ” love ” of his life which he doesn’t even hide from Kagome, and Kagome hurting. I want her to end up with her classmate. It’s the same with Kuromukuro. The difference is, it is implied the main girl doesn’t realy end up with him, and it’s really stupid of Kagome to go where he is, after 5 years, and expect Kennosuke not to have gotten together with his beloved princess over 5 years in a place where they are probably the only ” humans”.


  2. Thanks for sharing! And I know what you mean about not being motivated. I used to post my stories online but stopped when I realized no one was reading them. It’s depressing, but try not give up.

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    1. If you are referring to fiction, be aware that posting on your blog gives up FNASR (First North America Serial Rights) and if you ever decide to try and sell your work, publishers will turn it down as having already been published.

      If you are not referring to fiction or if you are not interested in getting published, then nevermind.

      Reference: https://dispersertracks.com/2014/10/13/writing-fiction-and-blogging/

      For them depressed about the number of readers they get, There is one comment following that blog post where I break down the numbers when it comes to readers and followers.

      Bottom line, blog and write for your own amusement and entertainment. If you are lucky or good or both, readership will slowly build (it will take years). If not, do like I do . . . I write stuff I enjoy reading. That way I am always assured of at least one serious and enthusiastic reader.

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    2. Don’t give up. For more than one year , nobody was reading me either. ( But then I didn’t even know others could read my blog, lol. My Internet friends ( about 5 of us ) were the only ones chatting here…. and was surprised when a ” stranger ” wrote a comment, and I was like, Whoa ! Who is this guy ? We treated WP like a chatroom. LOL


  3. Oh, no,no , @disperser. Kuromukuro is getting good reviews. The graphics is gorgeous, and there are lots of action. I actually like it . I watched it 4 x already, so that means something.

    By the way, have you watched Moribito yet ? It’s a 10/10 to me. If I had to recommend an anime to a first timer, I’d recommend this wholeheartedly.

    Seven Deadly Sins…… it’s taking so long ! ! !

    I started watching Rurouni Kenshin and I don’t why I dropped it. I thought I’d pick it up again, but lost interest. I think I didn’t like the plotline. He is a great samurai, but he’s living in the wrong century where the influence of samurai warriors is waning. His enemies’ weapons are guns and cannons . Even for an anime, it would be a stretch to believe that swords would win over new weapons of destruction.

    Anyways, watch Kuromukuro, @disperser. I think you will like it.


    1. Moribito is on my Netflix list, and I will get to it eventually. I think I mentioned before that I started watching Moribito some years ago (at the time, I was getting DVDs through the mail). It had been recommended to me by someone else, and I watched a number of episodes. I can’t remember the episode, but something about wolves and running and something else had me lose interest. I have added it back on my list, but have not watched it yet. I will likely have to start from the beginning.

      Not sure what you mean “it’s taking so long”. If you mean Season 2 of the Seven Deadly Sins, I agree. If you mean they drag the story out I agree. The other problem with Seven Deadly Sins is the propensity to come up with new stuff to serve the plot. It points to stories that are not planned out real well and don’t care much about continuity and consistency. Especially when it comes to abilities. You see a bad guy show amazing powers, and then lose to what I consider lesser powers and/or strategies.

      I agree with your assessment of Kenshin, but it’s also that the characters seem to devolve from interesting to boring and into annoying.

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      1. Well, it’s more mythical rather than the familiar fantasy genre.

        Animes don’t make sense ( hence , ” anime sense ” ) and that makes them fun to watch.

        Yes, Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins. It’s been almost 7 months , disperser.


    2. I’m watching Morbito on Netflix! I’ve not seen Kuromukuro but if you’ve watched it 4 times, there has to be something to it. I agree with the whole fanservice being absolutely out of control. It can make or break a great anime for me.

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      1. So, what do you think of Moribito ? I wrote a post about Moribito here. Check it out. Just click Renxkyoko’s Space above and it will bring you to a list of my posts. I’ve watched it so many times , as well. I think she’s the best anime female , in my opinion.


      2. The animation is gorgeous ! ! ! and Balsa, the MC, is the most beautiful female anime character, IMHO. And the strongest, too, without any supernatural power. It’ just her extraordinary human skills. Right ?


  4. If you only cover fan service free anime you won’t have much more stuff to write about on this blog 🙂 There is quality stuff devoid of eye candy out there, but it’s much harder to find. To be honest the same applies to Western movies too.

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    1. I should have written ” a little amount of fan service is okay “. In fact, ” CHIVALRY of a FAILED KNIGHT ” has girls with big boobs, including the girl MC. However, no one has smothered the male MC ‘s face with their boobs….. although there was an attempt at incest. I’ve watched this anime 4x , I think, the 4th just recently. All the characters have integrity, and the battle scenes are awesome….. to me.

      I acknowledge animes chockfull of fanservice do have an audience. And if the developers are profiting from them, so be it. But in case they haven’t realized it yet, the animes that become most popular all over the anime world and I assume most profitable,as well, are the ones devoid of this stuff. Attack on Titan, Death Note, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, and hundreds of others more, oh, and Studio Ghibli’s.

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      1. Good point on critically acclaimed anime being relatively smut free. From the examples given I think only Code Geass could be accused of overly pandering to pervs.

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  5. Code Geass… yep, just a bit, but we tend to go over that due to the awesome plotline.

    Oh, Hunter x Hunter too ! I love that anime ! It’s a pity the author has put it on hiatus , again, and again.

    I’m not saying I only watch smut – free animes and mangas. I’m like, Darn it ! Kiss her already ! ! ” And make it passionate, okay ?


    1. Amen to that. I used to avoid romance shows because I would lose patience with couples who would take two seasons to progress beyond blushing whenever the subject of holding hands would come up.

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