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I did promise I’d discuss  Persona 3 FES on my previous post,  but , sorry I can’t do it at the moment.  I’ve decided , instead , to post the excellent, awesome music of  P3FES.  It’s funny because listening again to the wonderful music  brought tears to my eyes.  This is probably my most favorite video game of all time.  And I’m not the only one, mind you. This is 2007’s  Video Game of the Year. P3 FES though was published in 2011.



Of course, each to his /her own taste in music, right ?   I  just realized the reason why I love P3FES music  is that the sound is Western…. hip hoppy,  jazzy, hard rock, operatic, and sweetly melodic.  I couldn’t believe the soundtrack was composed entirely by a Japanese, Shoji Meguro.

Without further ado,  here they are.  I hope you can find the time to listen , just 2 or 3 minutes play time for each song .

.The above video is the opening of Persona 3. Below is that of Persona 3 FES, a later video game that had been extended  with a 40 hour new game .

Oh, yeah…baby, baby.Awesome !


.This one below is the music  while the students are taking their tests.  It’s very jazzy.  By the way, I have a cd copy of the soundtract of P3 FES.


Oh, boy, here it comes,  the dam is about to break  , Memories of the city

Okay,    a veil of tears is now clouding my eyes.  This is the ending song. Memories of You.


I remember  I was down on my knees , on the floor,  sobbing my heart out, while listening to the ending song.  I know, Drama Queen. Those who have played the game, I’m sure you’d understand the tears.  I played this for  over a thousand hours,( maybe 2 thousand hours,  who knows,  I stopped counting at one point,)  maxing everything out, the stats and all, getting all the personas , maxing the stats of the personas,  buying the best  weapons for the MC and his crew……… I did my best.





3 thoughts on “PERSONA 3 FES

  1. Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona Q all have awesome soundtracks. I am sure the upcoming fifth installment will keep the tradition of excellent music going.


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