Persona 3 Fes and Persona 4

My last entry was only  2 sentences long because  I was feeling a bit  of a Debbie Downer.  But thanks to your advices,  I think I can go on for a few more months, maybe years, who knows .

Anyways,  I’ve been wanting to write about Persona 4, the anime,  and about Persona 3 , the video game…. there’s  just no way I can write a piece on one without the other.

So, what are Persona 4, the anime, and Persona 3 the anime and video game all about ?

Both P3 and P4, the video games, are made by  Shin Megami Tensei. ( Atlus ).  Both have characters played by ” special ” high school students, by special  meaning, they can summon their Personas  which they can use in battles against the ” Shadows”. They are the only ones that can see the Shadows, and in P3 ‘s case, they  are not transformed into coffins  during the so called ” Dark Hour”.  The Dark Hour is a secret hour where all the nasty stuff happens, and these special students are the only ones who know  its existence.  ( 12 midnight )


Photos above are my video games of Persona 2, 3, 3FES, and P4. ( I have both P3 and P3FES…. P3FES has an additional  30 hour game that P3 doesn’t have.)

And photos below are the same stuff that I couldn’t  delete, darn it…..

” ponders ”

I’d like to apologize  for stopping  at this point.  I don’t think I can  discuss  both  animes/video games  on one post. It is impossible. First off, I have not played Persona 4  yet, even though I’ve had the game on the very first day it was released. ( 2010 ? ) To be honest,  I was completely overwhelmed by  P3FES…. erase that….. I was traumatized by my obsession with P3FES, and  now refuse to relive the experience  by playing another Persona game. (  I hate you , Atlus ! ) However, I had watched  P4, the anime. It’s weird that Netflix  has only 2 episodes of Persona 3 animation.

At this moment, I don’t know what to do with this situation. Shall I …. 1. Discuss  P3 video game  alone 2. Write about P4 the anime 4. Compare both. ( which I cannot do because , as I said, I have not played P4. ) Or  do I really need to play P4 before  discussing it?  And , do I even have the time to play the game, or for that matter, any game  at this point in my life ?  I have dozens of games that I haven’t played  yet ( about 200 in our collection ), just gathering dust in the shelf,  and soon, I will be buying  new releases of Ratchet and Clank and God of War and , horror of horrors,  Persona 5 !  Yes, they’re coming !


That one above is how the characters of Persona 3  summon their personas. They put a gun to their heads ( it’s not a real gun ) and shoot.

It’s supposed to be a  120 – hour game… I played it for over 1,000 hours, or maybe 2000 hours, who knows.  This is the reason why I always turn catatonic  every  time I think of this game.

By the way, it’s 2007’s Game of the Year, with ratings not lower than 9 out of 10.

And the music !   !   To me, it’s still the best.

More of the music on my next post.  You need to listen to the music. They are all outstanding.

Alright, this is all for now.  I know… I just blabbered , blah, blah, incoherently. I’ll do better next time.








2 thoughts on “Persona 3 Fes and Persona 4

  1. I’m surprised the media didn’t lose their minds about Persona 3. I was expecting articles blaming video games for kids killing themselves with guns.

    Persona 4: Golden for the Vita is an awesome game. If RPGs aren’t your thing I guess watching the anime is a good alternative. Unlike other video game adaptations I think the cartoon did a good job condensing the story within 26 episodes.

    By the way, I haven’t played FES. I played the PSP version of Persona 3, which is pretty cool. It gives you the option of playing as a girl.

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    1. I like RPG games. As I said above, I even obsessed on P3.

      I ‘m planning on playing P4 soon, maybe this weekend. It’s about time. Persona 5 is coming out soon.

      Persona 3 did cause a lot of controversy .

      P3FES has only a guy character. There’s no option of playing as a girl.

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