Suki-tte Ii Na Yo…. A Rant

I just re-watched  Say I Love You (  Suki-tte Ii Na Yo ) and was amazed how different the manga is from the anime version, at least , as far as depiction of the male MC ‘s character  is concerned.

To be honest, I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, so please bear with me. I’m just winging it.

Yesterday, I was at a friend’s blogsite, my go – to  place  for translated mangas , and  was glad  she just  posted  the latest chapter of Say I Love You ( Suki-tte  Ii Na Yo ).  We had an interesting discussion  regarding the character of the male MC, Yamato Kurosawa. So, what ‘s Say I Love You about ?  From Baka Updates synopsis,  this manga is about ” Mei Tachibana who has spent her 16 years without making either boyfriend or friends. One day, she drop-kicks a popular, good-looking boy in school, Yamato Kurusawa, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems he takes a liking to her one-sidedly claiming that they are friends. ”

Shoujo cliché.  Awesome popular guy and  Cinderella.

Here’s the thing…..  Yes, Yamato is popular, and not only that, he’s ” nice ” and ” friendly “….  so much so  that any girl bold enough to ask him  to sleep with her  will surely  get what she wants.  Like  Aiko.  She meets him on the street, crying that her boyfriend just dumped her, and ” Yamato, please sleep with me, and tell me that I’m still attractive, waaa, waaa,waaaa. ”  And he obliges. In the anime,  Aiko, who has become friends with Mei , confesses that she has slept with Yamato.  It’s verbal. In the manga, it’s visual.  Yamato is shown in bed with Aiko, and not only with Aiko,  but with so many girls. He is also rumored to have kissed all the girls in their school, and have slept with so many of them.  And no, no one is a girlfriend .  And to think he’s just in high school.

Then, Mei and Yamato get together..  There’s no doubt  Yamato has fallen in love with Mei. He seems to have changed,  and acts devoted to her. Then, a girl ( Megumi ) who is a model, transfers to their school,  takes a liking to Yamato,  recruits him to become a model. He obliges. It’s just a job,y’know ?  Then everything changes.  Mei and Yamato don’t go home together anymore.  Their friends are getting worried.  Meanwhile,  Megumi  invites Yamato to her apartment for dinner.  She says she lives alone, and  she feels lonely having dinner by herself,  and so ,” would you like to have dinner with me, I’ll cook.  ”  And he obliges….. and the one time dinner  at night becomes a regular thing . Meanwhile,  Mei  now falls asleep waiting for his phone calls. He does call, but  lies, and lies, and lies.  He’s been busy, he says.  Then, some classmates see  Yamato leaving megumi’s apartment. Mei hears  of the rumour,  suffers silently,  and it’s actually their friends who confront Yamato  about the rumour.  A guy friend ( who happens to be in love with Mei )  almost punches him, and Aiko, yes, that Aiko,slaps him.  She tells him that Mei knows.  Yamato is shocked .  He talks to mei and denies cheating on her. Its just dinner, y’ know, and he doesn’t tell her because he doesn’t want her to get worried. .

What the heck is wrong with this situation?  What kind of boyfriend goes to a girl’s house who lives alone, at night, and every night ?  What’s the probability that , at one point,  he will not only keep her company at the dining table, but also in her bed  ?  100 %  ! ! He lied because he knew it was wrong.   What’s worse is that  he stopped because he’d been busted.

Stupid Mei forgives him. And they become lovey dovey again.  This is where the anime version ends..

So many  manga chapters after , they graduate from high school.  The problem is, they now go to different universities.

The latest chapter  shows Yamato drunk ( because , apparently, he misses Mei ) and sleeping  on someone’s couch.. It also shows a much older college friend ( a girl ) who seems to like Yamato.  That night, he forgets  his  couple ring on the sink, a friend finds it, the girl who likes yamato volunteers to give it to him, , and lets Yamato be aware  that she likes him.  Later,  he tells mei that he almost lost the ring, and luckily found it. He doesn’t say anything about the girl.

So that’s the end the of latest chapter.  Tada !

What’s the probability  that he’ll be drunk again, and  that older girl will take advantage of his condition, and  Yamato will have a one-night stand with her? He and his uni friends seem to hang out  and drink  every night.  What’s the probability  that it won’t be just a one – night stand but  so many stands or until  he gets busted again.  Take note that this is now university life. I predict that they will break up.  Yamato won’t be able to resist  a girl who’s very much willing.

I don’t think I can read this anymore. My kokoro  will explode. It’s just too realistic.

  • turns off  rant mode *

Thanks for reading.  * walks off *









18 thoughts on “Suki-tte Ii Na Yo…. A Rant

  1. I actually really liked the anime because it was so shoujo-ish didn’t read the manga cause I was too lazy. But after reading your post I feel like I should read it and reevaluate the anime. Lol.


    1. Oh, yes, you have to read the manga. But don’t mind my rant. I’ve been biased against Yamato from day one. I mean, the guy is a girl pleaser. Who would have s*x with a girl who just got dumped and did it with her to make her feel better about herself ? What kind of rationale is that ? You have to judge for yourself.

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      1. Well I think it’s a girl instinct to dislike fuckboys right off the bat. He does act like a fuckboy so you have all the rights to be bias against him. 😂 I shall now go start on the manga. Thanks for the input!

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    2. By the way, I’ve read this a long time ago ( the updates are sooooo slow , like maybe 4x a year, lol ) so, some details are a bit hazy…. the ones I discussed here are those that made quite an impact on me, though.

      Come back here and let me know what you think.


  2. Sometimes being too realistic takes the fun out of a story. It’s a hard balance sometimes finding a story that is an escape from real life but not pure fantasy. I haven’t read it in a while lately, so I can’t comment on where the series is going. Hopefully the author doesn’t drag it the story out unnecessarily.

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  3. Poor guy. Having so many girls come onto you must be so tough! It’s tough to maintain a relationship with someone who studies somewhere else. Based on his track record I don’t think this couple will last much longer.

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    1. The story in the manga has so much foreshadowing of where their relationship is going, which is bust, and a heartache for Mei. Yamato has the tendency to compartmentalize his actions. He can sleep with other girls on the side, but it won’t affect his relationship with Mei. He loves Mei, and he doesn’t love the others, so they don’t count. He hasn’t slept with anyone while in a relationship with Mei, though that one with Megumi is a close call. Do you think it would come to that if he wasn’t busted ? In the manga , he really avoided getting caught secretly staying with Megumi every night. And even at school, he unintentionally or maybe intentionally tried not to see Mei , maybe due to guilt . How could he act with his girlfriend naturally at school, knowing that , at night, he would be seeing another girl ?

      You’re right. This relationship will not last. I predict he will hook up with that girl.

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  4. A doomed relationship. Any fan of this manga / anime will literally defend Yamato’ actions. The guy is a closet cheat or better known as a “player”. He knows these girls like him, hence why he pretty much plays up to their feelings. Taking advantage of them if you will.

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    1. Oh, goodness, you’re right ! ! Any fan of this manga aka fan of Yamato, a bishie , will literally defend his actions. Those fan girls of a ” handsome” male character , LOL ! Have you watched ( or maybe read ) Wolf Girl and Black Prince ? He’s an abusive male protagonist, but because he’s supposed to be very handsome, his fans rationalize his bad behavior. Why is that ? * shakes head * It makes me wonder if they’re like that as well in real life. I sometimes feel like a fool. Hey, Ren, this is just a manga. Don’t take it to heart.

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  5. I am not really the type of person to express my opinion on an anime I’ve watched but I’ve never been this soooo dissatisfied with the male protagonist so I googled for some answers. And here I am! I just can’t agree how Yamato behaves in the anime, so I thought, maybe, he’a different person in the manga, but no, he’s worse!!! You see, I’d rather be alone than be with someone like him, I value honesty too much! I just hope he wouldn’t sleep with anyone anymore except Mei. Or I hope they will break up, Mei finds another guy, Yamato goes back to fooling around, sleeps with different women, becomes very depressed, dissatisfied, and unhappy, and realizes that Mei is the only one for him and he will change his ways forever for her and they end up together in the end. Because I think he will only see her value if he looses her.

    Sorry about that. I hate his character really.

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    1. Yamato is ” easy”, and can’t say no. You’re right ! ! He’s much worse in the manga …
      At this time, though, the manga is already completed, and they do get married. Hmmph.


  6. Omg I almost going to watch the anime! But I saw spoilers that Yamato cheated (and slept with another girl??) and I’m like waaiitt… Then I saw your post and f*** he is the guy I hate the most! I mean! Can’t he says no?! He’s weak and easy! But I don’t think Mei will break up with him cause Asian women tends to give it all in a relationship and not easily to give up.. I don’t want to sound stereotype but it’s quite common. Especially when Yamato loves Mei! Yes! Especially that! She knows that he loves her but he cannot control his lower half! What a trash. But still, Mei won’t leave him, especially after she forgave him for slept with the girl who later became her friend. I mean, she is still hanging out with that girl so I can totally see that she’s weak and dependent. She’s cautious around strangers but can only endure the pain from the people she’s close with because she needs people. Poor Mei, also poor Yamato. They must both have toxic childhood to developed those kind of personality. Thanks for the warning tho I will be very angry if I watch the anime and see that she forgave him so easy like that.

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    1. I think the anime stopped there, and that’s a good thing, because besides sleeping with random girls, he almost cheated again with Megumi…. what’s worse, he lied to Mei , and “hid ” from her that he had been seeing and going to Megumi’s house. He’s really a scumbag, and I don’t know why the author made him the ML. He only stopped seeing Megumi because he was busted by friends.


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