Kimi No Sei manga 5/10

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I’m posting about a manga that I have read many moons ago,  Kimi No Sei, which I have rated 5/10. This is a  bit of a  low rating  for a story that I actually like and find meaningful, realistic and relevant.  Kimi no Sei  is about bullying and how it can leave a permanent scar on a person’s psyche.

Synopsis from Baka Updates:

Takaya has fallen in love at first sight with a girl he saw at his college. The only problem is that the girl happens to be Yurina, the girl he spent  his elementary days tormenting. While he hardly remembers her from those days, Yurina hates him with a passion. She holds him responsible for all the emotional and psychological scars that were caused by the years  he made her life a living hell.  Takaya hopes they’ll be able to move past their history and fall in love, but can Yurina ever feel anything for him but hatred and the desire for revenge ?

The story is not your regular garden variety shoujo romance . The female protagonist does not fall in love first,  as is typical of shoujo  . Takaya acts like a puppy , accepting calmly  anything that Yurina spews out . Although I’m glad  this is happening to him, Yurina’s cruelty  does make me cringe once in while.

To be honest, I get it.  Takaya deserves it.  I know  what  it feels to be bullied.  I was bullied once . I can still feel the fear  and apprehension of going to school,  cowering  in the school bus, hoping my tormentor wouldn’t notice me, coming to the cafeteria  only when everyone had gotten their food.  What I suffered was physical bullying. She would elbow me out of food line,  would sit behind me in the bus  and hit my head  and wouldn’t stop   until  she got off the  bus.  I was  just 7 years old,  a  small girl, and worse,   a new immigrant who  couldn’t speak English.  It went on for about a month until I couldn’t take it anymore  and hit her with my backpack.  Then I told my Mom,  my Mom came to my school and told the principal, and this girl was suspended for one week.  I had so many witnesses, including the bus driver.  Then a  classmate befriended me,  and we teamed up to torment that  ugly  , fat- assed  , 200 lb. bully.  We ‘d gag and pretend to vomit everytime she passed by, called her oink, oink,  and  for my birthday , I gave everyone an invitation, and saw to it she was the only one  who didn’t get an invitation.  I became popular and she was still an ugly, fat-assed  200 lb  bulldog.  It was justice with restitution.  Classic. As they say, don’t get angry, get even.

But then, I knew how to fight back. Yurina  didn’t. So the hatred festered and grew . Unfortunately, Takaya  didn’t even know   he had inflicted so much pain  to a child .

I get it, Yurina.

But why did you fall in love at Chapter 9 ? You should have fallen in love at Chapter  35.  Lame. That’s why I’m giving this  a low 5/10.

Okay, I know I’m not being nice. But who can forgive and forget when a gay classmate who was bullied at school committed suicide ?  He sat next to me in class. He was nice and friendly that day and there was no indication whatsoever that he was going to kill himself  as soon as he got home. . That’s why I hate bullies.

Or maybe I should rate this a 10/10?  It did  affect me emotionally,  and that’s a good thing.





9 thoughts on “Kimi No Sei manga 5/10

  1. The sequel is already completed, but not the scanlation. I was lucky to have read the complete sequel, already translated into English over at raffmanga before it was forcibly closed.


  2. I hate bullies too so I can sympathize with your feelings. Perhaps Yurina forgives so quickly because the author felt pressured to introduce romance ASAP. Readers looking for a love story would abandon the book if it took thirty five chapters to get going.


    1. I think you’re right. I did get uncomfortable myself , what with Takaya just taking it. Readers will end up really hating Yurina….. however, I find the 180 degree turn too fast for the hate that she nurtures all those years.

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  3. When I started to read, it sounded like a good synopsis for a revenge thriller. I know people change and all that but the scars from their shared past makes it a bit unrealistic for the falling in love so early. Does she remind him what he did at all? It is despicable what bullies can get away with, to tear families apart like with the death of your classmate. This book would seem to almost excuse the behaviour by saying hey, there’s a happy ending for everybody but I may be way off the mark with that as I haven’t read it.


    1. It’s a shoujo romance genre, so nothing like a revenge thriller will ever happen.

      Yes, she tells him her real name ( she took her stepfather’s last name, and then they moved to another city )…..and nothing else. He does remember a girl by that name, and remembers teasing her. Yurina doesn’t react to his non- reaction. It’s much later when he gets jealous ( she dates him, by the way ) and actualy yells at her that she snaps and tells him the damage he has done to her, and breaks up with him, and walks away.

      Well, he does regret it when he finally remembers the full extent of his behavior. He kneels down, bows his head ( it’s a Japanese culture ) and asks for forgiveness. There’s drama in between when another girl whos in love with him does something bad to Yurina.

      By the way, Ste J , if you have Netflx, maybe you can watch Moribito? I have a post about this anime, and I rated it 10/10. I hope you can watch it. It’s really good.

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  4. interesting review! i am not big fan of bullying reality or in manga. romance in storylines shouldnt be rushed, it should bloom like a flower ♥


    1. Right… and considering their history, it’s hard to imagine that she’d just fall for him like that. The one n the pic that I posted is just a small part….. I know they’re just kids, still…… it is horrible.

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