Gunslinger Girl, 9/10

Hi,  Renxkyoko Iglesias signing on.

This is my 5th post. I was hoping to have a  good discussion forum  for those who have already watched  Moribito ( 10/10 ) and Golden Time ( 5/10 ), but since this blogsite does not have a Follow feature,  only a handful managed to read  them,  and shared their thoughts.

I did promise I’d write about Gunslinger Girl and Hiiro no Kakero, so here they are.

Gunslinger Girl

The synopsis from my own  dvd copy:

” Officially, the Social Welfare Agency is a gov’t sponsored corporation that’s in the business of saving lives. At least, that’s the ruse. In reality, it’s an agency on the fringe of technology. They give terminal patients another shot at life using cybernetic implants. This conditioning process then shapes the patient into an efficient machine for handling all of the government’s dirty work.  They’ve been given a second chance at life, but at what cost ? ”



To be honest, I really don’t know what to  think  of the  story.  The synopsis does not reveal that the patients are elementary students, and all of them  are actually the ” remains ” of  grissly  accidents and /or murders.  One such girl is killed by her own father for insurance, one has been  tortured  ,videotaped and shown on the internet as  paid entertainment.  Once ” fixed” , the girls are trained to become efficient killing machines and assasins.  When they go on missions,  they are always accompanied by their ” handlers ”  ( adults who supervise their training ).  Even if they are supposed to kill  only the bad guys ( drug dealers, murderers, corrupt officials ),   innocent bystanders and anyone who gets in the line of fire are killed, too.  Why choose children, then ?  Well, who would think that an innocent and sweet looking young girl  could kill  a dozen in less than a minute ?  So where do they hide their weapons ? The weapon is  kept in a violin case , and the kid  looks as if she’s  going to a music class, instead of a  killing mission.

What’s so tragic about this story is that there’s no way these children can have a future. The memories of their past lives have been erased,  and what is even more tragic is  that these children have accepted their fate as a matter of fact. They know they have a short life span, ( their bodies, or what’s left of it deteriorate in time ) and their lives depend on how good they are at their jobs, and they know it.  They talk about it , oh, ever so casually.  ”  Oh, is that menstrual pain ? I’m lucky because they took out my uterus. ”

This is a very depressing anime because , to me, anything bad that happens to  children  gives me this  hopelessly sad feeling that doesn’t go away.

My dvd copies contain 28 episodes, but I don’t remember if this is complete  because I watched it in 2005.  It is written on the cover though that it’s a complete series with the OVA. If it has indeed ended, I don’t remember the ending, for some reason. And you , dear readers are lucky….. I would have spoiled it for you if I remembered.   What I watched recently was  on Netflix, and it’s definitely not complete yet.

Gunslinger Girl is # 12 in Top Anime of the Year, 2005.

I give it a  9/10 rating. So go and watch it.








































































































19 thoughts on “Gunslinger Girl, 9/10

    1. I don’t know why I have this much space after the post. I couldn’t correct it and I didn’t realize there’s this much space. Yikes.

      Disperser, maybe you should watch a few more episodes ?


      1. Maybe . . . they are in my queue. But, I think I actually watched more than just a few a number of years ago. The story, as I remember, got complicated and convoluted, especially at the handler’s side.

        I’ll give it another go, but I suspect I’ll probably stop at the same place. We’ll see.


  1. Like with most animes, the cartoon doesn’t have a definitive ending. You’ll have to read the excellent manga for the finale. It gets even more tragic than the anime though so keep some tissues to wipe your tears close by.


    1. Oh, yes, you’re right. No wonder I couldn’t recall what exactly happened at the end of the story. I don’t remember crying though. Maybe I was too young to care . That was after all, 10 years ago. I was in middle school. It was just sad cartoons to me. I now dread rewatching my dvd copy.

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  2. I followed you my dear Ren, by putting your address on my reader. Yea!!!
    hee hee I was wondering what happened to your comment wall. Now we know its just space between us. ha ha (do you see what I did there)
    I dont think I watched that anime.
    Do you know they made a movie out of an anime called Kite. It stars Samuel L Jackson and India Eisley (underworld 4?) I thought that Kite was hentai because of the explicit sex. And why would anyone make a movie out of such a lame anime anyway. It didnt really have a great storyline.
    If anything they should make live action movie with GodChild, Blackbutler (not the japanese version cause it sucks), and Darker than Black!
    have a wonderful night! Feel better!

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    1. What did you do ? Do you know how to fix that huge space ?

      Hollywood made a movie out of Kite ? Or is it K ?

      Watch Moribito, Golden Time, and Gunslinger Girl, Rebecca. Then come back here and tell me what you think.


      1. I think the space has to do with the kind of theme you have. Preview another free theme to see if you still have the space. The new theme won’t affect your blog.
        Yes they made movie out of Kite. Ugh. I tried to watch it, it was horrible!


  3. I like a bit of grim, the emotive push from using schoolkids is always going to make this more interesting than just random people, the indiscriminate killing of innocents is a bit of a twist as well. I’ll add this one to the list as well.


      1. Our Neflix is a bit rubbish compared to your version but I will look and see what delights we do get over here. I did see Gunslinger Girl in the comic shop yesterday but had already spent up…maybe next time.


    1. ” O ya… And thanks for the other recommended shows to. There good! And i see why you like Moribito so much. The story line is cool and its cool to see a strong female character that is a warrior an not dressed like she works at hooters. I really like h x h to. thanks for looking out on the anime you will be my go to for this now”

      I don’t know why above comment was not published here, so I just copied off the email and pasted it here where it belongs.

      Have you finished Hunterx Hunter ? Unfortunately, the author has a reputation of going on long hiatus, and sometimes , does not even bother to complete his work.

      Female workers at Hooters are 10x more decently dressed than anime girls. Anime girls’ costumes are outrageous and pointless, like, why ???? What’s the point ?

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      1. Its cool… I haven’t finished hxh yet I’m only on the third episode. I like it but those subtitles hurt my eyes and i have to stop sometimes. plus i like to take my time so i can soak it in. Its funny to how the characters interact with each other. I’m like you I’m not really good at memorizing names… Either way they still dress real derogatory hooters girls and anime characters just to get a certain demographic audience or economic sales. I thought i was the only one who thought that was ridiculous to out of no were just see random wardrobe malfunctions and up skirting shots out of no were, and I’m a guy. Don’t get me wrong i love the seven deadly sins on netflix and the way the characters love triangle go on and that funny little pig is always trying to help but it can get pretty cleavage Ohio if you know what i mean… On there! Hahaha


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